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11" rotors/Type R clipers 86 Accord (pics)

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Legend_master, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Legend_master

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    Feb 12, 2006
    The Calipers from the 98 Acura integra Type R fit the Accord hub without a bracket. All you have to do to make this mod work is purchase some 89 Acura Legend 11" rotors and have them machined to 4x100. Then you must put washers under the rotor to allow for the difference in offset between the legend and accord. I only used 1 washer on each lug and everything else came out perfect. I went ahead and upgraded all the bushings and brake lines since I was doing this anyway.

    89 LX-i hubs (must be 88-89 LX-i Hubs) with new bearing
    Poly Lower control arm bushings
    Full Prothane Poly Bushings for the Lower controle arm and OEM for the rest
    11" Acura Legend rotors Redrilled to 4x100 from a 1989 Acura Legend
    Brand new 1998 Acura integra Type R Calipers and the brake pads that came with them (no bracket Required)
    SS Steal braided brake lines all around
    ARP extended Wheel studs (just because I wanted to)
    I am running the suspension techniques springs and tokico Illuminas that I am now
    Suspension techniques front and rear sway bar.
    1988 Prelude 30/40 prop valve
    all ball joints and tie rod ends are being replaced as well.
    Here is a pic of the whole setup with new bearings, and extended wheel studs.

    Front LCA with Poly Bushings
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