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190HP/134T and 14.4@99.8 1/4 for sale

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Teambypass, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. Teambypass

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    Mar 15, 2003
    Hi fellows, I have decided to quite racing for good. I am 25 years old, although I still look like 15. I feel discomfort and somewhat being disrespect while driving to work. I am an accountant, I work in a business environment that people drive stock cars, not loud honda civic. I shouldnt feel this way, building racing car is just an expensive hobby, just like business people playing boring golf games. however, I had decided to quite racing for now, I need to settle down and drive nice stock car that still go fast. In the future, I might want to built a streetable civic, not drag race civic. What good is it if you can go 9s or 10s and cant drive and show off on public streets. Here is what had been done to my car.


    1.98" B18C GSR JDM claimed to have 35k
    2. IB probe 12:3:1 high compression pistons
    3. Probe ultralite rods
    4. All internal Skunk2 except the crank
    5. Skunk2 intake manifold
    6. DC 4-2-1 header
    7.Hondata S200 system with skunk2 obd2 to obd1 wires with p28
    8. RC injectors 370cc with clip connectors
    9. AEM fuel rail
    10. AEM fuel pressure regulator
    11. Fuel pressure gauge
    12. Fsudo full exhaust with OBX high flow cat
    13. Tenso R intake with custom cold air intake
    14. Skunk2 front tower strut bar
    15. Rear Reactive strut bar
    16. Wabrol 190 fuel pump
    17. Tenso R tagcometer 12kRPM with shift light
    18. EX gauge cluster
    19. and more that I cant remember at this moment
    20. Tokico shocks with coilover

    There is nothing wrong with my car. it runs smooth and the engine is clean, will send pics upon reguest.

    I spend over $15g for this car and would like to sell it for a reasonable offer. This car has more potential in hitting 13s with the right driver. how much do you guys think I could sell this car for? thanks
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