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1991 accord pulls to the right about third gear

Discussion in 'Accord' started by superman1000, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. superman1000

    superman1000 New Member

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    Nov 12, 2008
    I just recently had a clutch and pressure plate put in my 1991 accord. I have noticed lately that about third gear it pulls to the right a little and it sway back left when i get off the gas and streighten up no virration rides smooth. It also pulss to the right when i hit the brakes. This morning it was making a poping noise when i hit the brake like something was loose when you take it pop like it went back in place. Taking off it does not do it only on braking. If i hit the brakes going backward there is not noise onwhen i go forward. I am thinking that the sway bar might be loose at the front by the cross member. I did find a few bolts loose when i got under it the first time i am going under today to see if there are any more loose and idea guys what it might be?
  2. 95b16coupe

    95b16coupe New Member

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    Nov 6, 2008
    check your tire balance and air pressure. rotors might be bad, could be a ball joint. too many things could be wrong with it.

    take it into a discount tire or les schwab. they can do a free inspection.
  3. calmfornow

    calmfornow System Failure Racing

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    May 24, 2007
    Zionsville, pa
    your tie rod ends, ball joints,rotors, pads, calipers, allignment all those things can do that to you...i would check the rotors, and change your pads first (check calipers while your doing that), if thats not the problem, listen to see if there is very light knocking when you are turning in first gear, if so i would put my money on tie rod ends, also do a check on your ball joints, by using a breaker bar or something when the car is jacked up lower it on a jack stand that is under the control arm, when the car is sitting on the jackstand thats on the control arm (make sure that you have the tire off of the ground still, and put your bar under the tire and see is the wheel comes out a little bit when you pry up from underneath the tire....if so your ball joints are bad, if they dont do that wiggle the tire back and forth and see if it wiggles. if it moves back and forth and you seering wheel isnt moving but you wheel is.....your tie rod ends are the problem....there are other ways you can check that stuff but thats how i check mine good luck
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