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1997 prelude head, AC condenser...etc.,

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by acydphryck, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. acydphryck

    acydphryck Junior Member

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    Jul 3, 2003
    ok...here's a list of some parts i'm selling for a friend of mine who's shop is closing down:

    1997 Prelude head (fully assembled with cut valve cover) with the following:
    intake manifold (no injectors no fuel rail) with sensors
    throttle body with sensors
    OBD2 distributor with NGK stock plug wires
    no cams or cam gears
    valvetrain and valves...etc.,
    never been milled
    VTEC solenoid
    stock head gasket (prolly still useable)
    asking $550 shipped and insured for everything mentioned above.

    also have misc. parts here:

    1997 Prelude alternator with bracket - $100 shipped (heavy piece...)
    (Prelude) 2 piece DC 4-2-1 header...no dents, but has minor scratches on the bottom with o2 sensor - $150 shipped
    1997 Prelude starter - $60 shipped
    1997 Prelude AEM Intake no filter (not CAI) - $30 shipped
    1997 Prelude external coil - $30 shipped
    1997 Prelude AC condenser - $120 shipped (another heavy piece...)
    1997 Prelude stock ECU OBD2 - $140 shipped
    1997 Prelude half shaft - $180 shipped
    DC Sports Prelude billet plug wire cover (red) - $30 shipped

    B18A/B oil pan with drain plug, windage tray and oil pick up - $120 shipped
    1996-2000 Civic front bottom sway bar = Energy suspension with all bushings and mounting hardware - $100 shipped

    stock motor mounts for B-series swap, great condition. this has driver's, passenger's sides and rear mounts...including rear (GSR) engine bracket. also includes tranny side mounts on top and bottom. driver's side has top and bottom mounts - $200 shipped

    Brand new Clutchmasters stage IV clutch for Mitsubishi Turbo eclipse includes flywheel, no alignment tool though - $475 shipped (comes with pressure plate, clutch and flywheel...that's it. flywheel alone is $200-$300 alone)

    USDM ITR pistons with rings and pins - $220 shipped
    i have 4 sets of these pistons, 2 std bore, 2 over sized...same price for all 4 sets.

    as always, email me for pics of items listed above...too many pics to post.
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