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1998 Prelude 5spd 98k Miles!

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by CarlTrooper, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. CarlTrooper

    CarlTrooper New Member

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    Nov 16, 2009
    Just found my new car! Need to sell!

    Hello, I am selling my 1998 honda prelude. It is black and manual (fun!) I am the 2nd owner and bought it around 76k.

    It has 98500 miles and is driven almost daily.

    Here is the good and not so good

    + Good Less than 100k! Engine runs STRONG... Vtec is Awesome !!
    Has FULL performance exhaust (Not a big fart cannon) Vibrant Dual Exhaust system purchased 1 year ago 500$
    AEM V2 Intake (Vtec ROARS)
    Tinted Windows - All the way around
    Sony MP3/Cd Player
    Tinted Tail Lights (Professionally done by JonsTintedTails.com ... These cost 100$ to be professionally tinted and WILL NOT COME OFF! This is not a sticker covering them)
    Exeedy Clutch put in around 80k Miles
    Lightweight flywheel put in with clutch -
    * This is a CLEAN Title, Not a salvage or rebuilt *

    The "bad" I am a unlucky person... and because of that 2 people have nicked the car The hood has 2 small dents like a truck or something backed into (New hood isnt necessary..)

    Back of the car under the bumper someone else touched it. There is a small crack there. And the old honda rust curse. On the right side of the car on the back right wheel there is rust. Other than that, it is a fun car to drive. Moonroof, windows locks, all work.

    It is KBB'd @ 5900 in GOOD Condition and 5200 for FAIR I would say its in good running condition, but the 2 bumps and rust and small crack would bring it down a little.

    Ok guys, I think I found the car I am buying this weekend, so I need to sell! I dropped the price AGAIN! 4599 Takes it!.. OR BEST OFFER! This is a STEAL! Please no low balls! I know this car is worth it!


    You can EMAIL me back and I will respond within 12 hours... or you can

    Call Or Txt me @ (518) 847-7236 - Anytime!

    Here are some pictures and a video I uploaded


    YouTube - 1998 Honda Prelude For Sale* Upstate NY*
  2. CarlTrooper

    CarlTrooper New Member

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    Nov 16, 2009
    sold..you can delete
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