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1st gen b16a into obd1 del sol

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by sol2nr, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. sol2nr

    sol2nr Member

    OK, i want to buy a b16a engine to take apart and totally rebuild. During the build-up I will be working with L&M Engines in Hatboro,PA to build custom camshafts for the engine during its several stages of build up. (i.e couple stages for stock b16a, couple for b16a w/ head work, b16a w/ headwork & built bottom w/ ^CR, ...w/ ITBs also, w/ ITBs and 150+shot...) The crankshafts should be available within 3-4months.
    I currently have a 2nd gen obd1 B16A in my obd1 del sol.

    I want to know exactly what the downsides would be to putting in the 1st gen obd0 b16a as opposed to getting a 2nd gen obd1 and it going in just like the current one is there now.

    From my understanding, to use the 1st gen b16a in my car now, i'd need a dizzy for it, injectors, obd-0 computer (or conversion), alternator...anything else?

    If we use AEM EMS to run the new built engine (obd0) will i have any troubles when i put it in my obd-1 car?

    are there any "tuning flaws" that make the 1st gen inferior to the 2nd gen? for example, i hear the 1st gen doesn't have a crankshaft position sensor?- does the EMS tune off of that?

    thanks for any info.

    ALSO: If i just buy the obd0 1st gen b16a w/ all the parts to run it in a obd0 car, and get the EMS to tune it, can i swap the sensors from my current obd1 and other stuff (like alternator, injectors, etc) onto the obd0 engine making it obd1 before i put it in my car?
  2. sol2nr

    sol2nr Member


    if i just buy a 1st gen obd0 b16a engine, can i tap it for new sensors that obd1 uses (whichever ones that may be) to convert the engine to obd1? What exactly is involved, stricly talking w/ the engine, in converting an obd0 b16a to a obd1 b16a?

  3. Havok

    Havok Senior Member

    I HIGHTLY recoomend you keep the 2nd gen B16 in your car. The 1st gen B16 has a cable clutch, you have a hydraulic. In some states, putting an older engine than the car is illegal, and will result in failed emissions test (CA is the biggest, not sure what other states have this) you need to check the state laws. The biggest question is why would you take out a newer B16 to put on older one in?
  4. civicious

    civicious FüK-VTEC


    whats wrong with the b16 thats in there?
  5. pills_PMD

    pills_PMD Super Moderator

    agreed. don't get an obd0 b16 dude. please
  6. xj0hnx

    xj0hnx I wanna be sedated

    You have a B16A in your car already, reoght? And if I am understanding you, you want to build up a B16A1, and then swap it in. Go for it. You already have everything you need to bolt to the motor to make it a direct replacement for the one in theere now, tranny, injectors, distributor, just move it all over from your present motor to the one you are building once it is done.

    I would advise doing the complete build up before dropping it in, there's no point in removing it three times to work on three things, and paying three times the labor, parts, and fluids and gaskets. Just build it all, and then when it's done, swap it in.

    As long as you are not in an emissions nazi state, you can use the older block, since your completely rebuilding it.

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