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2000 Civic rear 6x9 advice

Discussion in 'Car Audio / Security / Electronic Accessories' started by FishV12, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. FishV12

    FishV12 New Member

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    Nov 5, 2006
    Howdy :)

    Well here is the deal... I own a 2000 Civic CX and I just found out recently it didn't come with 6x9 in the back! The wires are there and they are connected to the stereo but no speakers!!! :eek: I have a stock deck and the car is pretty much all stock... I don't expect to buy a deck or anything for it since I'm a tight budget but I was thinking I could get some factory like 6x9. Thing is I know if I go with aftermarket lots don't sound as loud as the factory ones with a stock system. So here is the question... What should I be looking for if I wanted a stock sounding 6x9 speaker? Any specs should I be looking for?

    Thanks in advance for the help! It's greatly appreciated! :D
  2. neonmike

    neonmike Senior Member VIP

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    Mar 30, 2004
    buy a set of pioneers those work really well with stock headunits
  3. formby

    formby learning in progress

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    Feb 19, 2003
    since all you need are replacements i would buy the cheapos from the local audio store even wallmart... not the cardboard ones but cheap immitations...
  4. d17type-R

    d17type-R Doc Brown says

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    Sep 21, 2006
    Langley BC
    Ok, I question why you are pacified with stock an OEM level of sound quality.
    If there's one thing I know about Honda; they build ENGINES, not STEREOS!^_^
    Tight budgets are one thing, and we all have them, but you'd be throwing your money away searching for something that will sound like the OEM paper-cone issue 6x9's.

    My advice: Having worked for a subsidiary of a mojor electronics retailer, I know this much: You;ve gone without the rear fill sound for this long, hold off until the spring.

    The reason for this is quite simple. All the new gear comes out between February and April. The savvy shopper waits until the stores start trying to put out new product and find the manager and strike a bargain on the cheapest gear and the demo gear to get an even LOWER price!

    You see, having the old stuff costs the company money to keep it around longer. That's why stores need to constantly have clearance sales. It ends up losing them money if they keep it around too long.

    If you go into some places, like, ohhh i don't know....... the one with the blue and yellow colors that's one of the major retailers and they brag about having the "best buy"..... (was that obvious enough?):confused:

    ..... if you shop there(at that unspecified store) almost everything in the store has a date at which the product will, or has, become "clearance". It goes further, and you you get items that are +30, +60, and +90. Without taking up another page you can can guess what these numbers indicate. And correspondingly the level of importance for a retailer to "liquidate" this aging stock.

    The clearnace stuff is usually distinguishable from the regular "active" stock.
    Sometimes they even distinguish it by using an actual sharpie marker on the price tag to indicate to their sales associates that the item is clearnace.

    These are items that are usually in car audio positioned strategically on the sales floor to catch the "bargian-hunter's" eye. And the sales people know it. They catch you lookin' they're gonna try and close you. They think that looking at something is commital to buying.

    In all fairness to them; they don't sell food, clothing or shelter: so if you're in there, you MUST have access to disposable income. And that's what they teach the employees.

    So in review, wait till spring. You'll get a better deal. And chances are, by then, you'll be able to afford to spring for one of those high quality 99$ decks.

    ......................:D just kidding. That's something I forbid anyone to tell their friend to do. If you pay 99$ for a head unit, I HOPE it blows up on you!^_^

    As far as just getting a little sound in the back, unless you have taken the entire back paneling of your car apart before...
    ....and got it all back together without:
    a trip to the Honda Parts counter
    an installer fixing up your handiwork
    or calling several dealerships and install shops for help..........

    then just pay the bloody 50$ or whatever they charge for a speaker install.

    When I say you have to remove the entire back section of your car to change speakers, I'm not joking.

    And beware of certain models of 6x9's. Some won't clear the torsion bars on your trunk lid arms.
    the ones that i found fit the best and got the best sound results were:
    Infinty Refence Series 6x9's...(now have a dark grey cone)
    (these were by far the best because they had a rotational tweeter)
    Pioneer 6x9's (they have a dark blue cone and a tweeter array that doesn't stick up past the surround)
    (the Pioneers with the yellow Kevlar cones are too deep and broad to fit alot of stuff, including Dodge Ram front doors)

    Hope things work out for you;)
  5. neonmike

    neonmike Senior Member VIP

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    Mar 30, 2004
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