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2000 civic SIR keyless entry help

Discussion in 'Car Audio / Security / Electronic Accessories' started by cranker, May 20, 2010.

  1. cranker

    cranker New Member

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    May 20, 2010
    I have a 2000 civic SIR its a canadian car but the VIN sticker says made in USA. Its not in MPH its in KLM's and says SIR on the speedo. Anyways heres my problem all the wiring is under the dash for the factory security but nowhere is the keyless entry module. Everyone says its behind the drivers kick panel but thats only in the states. I don't have the module there or even a plug for the keyless module. I've read and read 5 forums cannot find an answer 96-98 have the keyless module in the factory head unit. 99-2000 have it behind the drivers kick panel in the states where keyless entry comes factory. In a candian 2000 SIR coupe where is it. Why would all the wiring be blue taped to the harness under my dash. Its all there green plug for the factory security blue taped to the harness. I've undone 1 blue taped plug so far and that was for my foglights got them workin no problem. I'm going nuts I want to get keyless entry working I have a new module I bought from a US honda dealer and a keyfob but where do I plug it in. None of this makes sense to me please somebody with some knowledge on this help me. I'm not asking to be spoonfed I've read and read but there's no info out there thanks cranker.
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