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2000 Si for sale.

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by jamesA, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. jamesA

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    Aug 10, 2003
    I am getting bored with this car, I'm looking for something cheaper to own and easier to modify. Let's start off with the basics.

    Car Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana.
    My name: James; Contact information at the bottom of this thread.

    Model: Civic Si
    Year: 2000
    Transmission: STOCK S4C 5 speed
    VIN: PM ME FOR VIN, I WILL NOT SUPPLY IT ON THE BOARD. It has a CLEAN title, NO wrecks & is not salvage.

    Mileage: 80,600 as of 11-11-06

    Color: Flamenco Black Pearl
    Interior: All stock cloth

    Stock Comfort Options:
    ~Power mirrors, windows, door locks with two remotes, Cold AC, Hot Heat, Cruise control, Tilt Steering.

    Stock Exterior Options:
    ~ Rear spoiler with "civic" stamped on underside, Si lips, Mudflaps.
    ~ (non-stock) has foglamps with switch on the console. Just replaced bulbs one month ago.

    - Modifications -

    ~Performance: Replica Rear upper strut brace, Injen Intake (Note: I'm removing for an EBAY short ram for the time being.) Stock Intake will be sold with the car, you can start fresh with it however you'd like.

    ~Non-Performance: Contoured shift knob, stock was sold.

    ~ICE: Kenwood KDC indash CD player with fold down deck and remote.
    Kenwood 6.5" front door speakers
    Kenwood 1/4" tweeters in the front door also
    Blaupunkt 6x9 rear deck speakers

    The rest of my ICE is being removed from the car upon the sale and isn't worth mentioning here.

    The car has had it's oil changed and maintained every 3000-4000 miles since I purchased it. We all know how budgets can get wrapped up, so sometimes it had to be a little over mileage.
    This car has a lot of highway mileage and has always been excellent on gas, it has always been filled up with a minimum of 91 octane. Driven conservatively it will reach 29-30 mpg. Driven hard it will still net you 25-28 mpg.
    The car has been extremely reliable and has not left me stranded at all. I have never had to replace any major components, and the only warranty work I had to have get done was the interior antenna and passenger door lock when I first bought it.
    The engine is smooth all the way to 8000 rpm and the suspension will pull the car in whatever direction you point it.

    MINOR body damage. Windy days + careless coworkers at my old job has left my drivers side slightly battered. I used touchup paint to cover up some of the spots where the doors hit, you can still notice the slight indents. Nothing major though.
    But what can you expect from a daily driver vehicle?
    TIRES. The tires on the car are Yokohama AVS ES100s. They WILL need to be replaced as they have been on the car for 2.5 years now and have been rotated every 6 months, and I'm thinking of spending the money for some all season radials prior to any sale.

    I debadge the vehicle, you'll see in the pictures. The "Civic" and "Si" emblems have been removed, the Si emblem is sitting on my dashboard. I never got around to removing and painting the H emblem.

    On to the pictures!
    Engine (with the CAI):

    Now if you're still interested, on to the asking price!
    9,900 OR BEST OFFER, Do not low ball. Only serious inquiries please.

    To inquire: If local and willing to come take a look at the car PM me for my cell phone number.


    AIM: revolution8k.
    Email/MSN: fishbone-2001@hotmail.com
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