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2001 Civic SRS light with NO code

Discussion in 'Civic - EP, FA, FG' started by biffbannik, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. biffbannik

    biffbannik New Member

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    Nov 1, 2006

    I've been having a problem with the SRS light on my 2001 Civic recently. It stays on all the time (well, almost all the time - see below for an explanation).

    I took it in to a Honda dealer, who diagnosed it as what they called an 'intermittent failure' with no trouble code. They reset the light, and it seemed to work. But, the light came back on by the time they got the car to the parking lot. They brought it back in, re-diagnosed it, and again there were no trouble codes coming up. The light remains on, and from what I understand this mean no air bag deployment in an accident.

    Has anyone else expericned this? Any advice? Searching the net, I found a reference to this technicial service bulletin:

    ...but I don't know what it might contain or how it impacts my situation.
    Now, back to the comment about it being on ALMOST all the time. Purely by fluke (it took me a week to get the car into the dealer, so there was a lot of time to watch how the light acted) I notice that if the car had been sitting for a while and running, that the SRS light would go out during the period of time that the engine fan had kicked on! I have no idea whay this would happen, and the dealer didn't seem to think it was important.
    Also, the timing of the light coming on strangle coincided with a winterization and block heater installation (at the acura dealer where I bought the car used). Went in - no SRS light. Came out- SRS light on. Both the Acura dealer and the Honder dealer think its just a coincidence. ????
    Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  2. Skeeter7424

    Skeeter7424 1320 newbie...

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    Oct 17, 2006
    when i get to work tomorrow i will look up that TSB and relay to you what it says...

  3. MXDesa

    MXDesa Senior Member

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    Apr 19, 2003
    Queens, New York
    I checked my Honda database and we have no bulletin by that number, however I do have this to probably help you... This is directly from our honda database...

    [FONT=Arial,Bold]SRS Indicator On With No[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial,Bold]SRS DTC(s) Set[/FONT]

    NOTE: This article applies to ’9603 Accords,

    ’9603 Civics, ’0003 Insights, ’9603 Odysseys,
    ’03 Pilots, ’9601 Preludes, and ’0003 S2000s.

    If the SRS indicator comes on periodically, and
    you can’t find any SRS DTC(s) that are set, check
    the alternator charge voltage the instant the
    indicator comes on. A bad voltage regulator can
    let the system voltage exceed the allowable
    voltage threshold of the SRS control unit.

    To check for a bad voltage regulator, hook up a
    voltmeter to the battery or connect the PGM Tester
    to the 16P data link connector. Test-drive the
    vehicle at high rpm with various electrical loads
    turned on and off. Watch the voltmeter or, if
    you’re using the PGM Tester, monitor BATTERY
    on the display. If the charge voltage is around
    [FONT=ITCGaramondSWA,Bold]16 volts[/FONT], replace the alternator.

    Hope that helps homie...
  4. Skeeter7424

    Skeeter7424 1320 newbie...

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    Oct 17, 2006
    haha, i'm an ass...i forgot i could log on to honda from home...

    anywho, there is an article on this symptom in the troubleshooting section...heres what it says:
    SRS indicator stays on, but no DTCs are stored

    • A new SRS unit must sense the entire system is OK before completing its initial self-test. The most common cause of an incomplete self-test is the failure to replace all deployed parts after a collision, in particular seat belt tensioners.
    • A battery/system voltage above 15.2 V can cause the SRS indicator to come on without storing any DTCs.
    which would make the theory of a bad voltage regulator completely plausable.

    another test that more works with accords but could also work here...if you get the srs light on when the car is parked, pop the hood, go to the alternator and unplug the connector. not the ground wire. then check to see if the SRS light goes out. its a completely different thing for the accords, so i'm not sure this will work at all, but its easy so its worth a shot...

    hope this helps...

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