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5spd Swap Parts

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by sedracer, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. sedracer

    sedracer Junior Member

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    Jan 11, 2004
    I need all these parts for my automatic to manual transmission swap in a 96 accord ex. I have the f22b1 in the car now and my automatic is going out. If anyone has any of these parts they are willing to let go for a great price I'll probably buy. I already have parts number 1,8,10,13,14,15. I need everything else. I have some assorted parts or rice that i would be willing to trade for these parts.
    1. 5 speed transmission (F22, F23, H22, H23)
    2. 5 speed starter (90-02 Accord 92-02 Prelude)
    3. 5 speed shifter assembly w/ shifter cables (90-97 Accord 92-96 Prelude)
    4. 5 speed drivers side axle (your year accord, but from 5-spd version)
    5. 5 speed intermediate shaft (your year accord, but from 5-spd version)
    6. 5 speed clutch pedal assembly (90-97 Accord 92-96 Prelude)
    7. 5 speed brake pedal arm (90-97 Accord 92-96 Prelude)
    8. Clutch master cylinder w/ reservoir (90-97 Accord 92-96 Prelude)
    9. Clutch line from Clutch master cylinder to clutch dampener (90-97 Accord 92-96 Prelude)
    10. Clutch dampener assembly (90-97 Accord 92-96 Prelude)
    11. Clutch line from Clutch dampener to 5 speed tranny (90-97 Accord 92-96 Prelude)
    12. Clutch line from 5 speed tranny to slave cylinder (90-97 Accord 92-96 Prelude)
    13. Slave cylinder (90-97 Accord 92-96 Prelude)
    14. Clutch (90-02 Accord 92-01 Prelude)
    15. Flywheel (90-02 Accord 92-01 Prelude)
    16. 5 speed mount (Your year, 5-spd version)
    17. 5 speed mount bracket
    The list isn't really that long. Don't really wanna go junkyard diving so i don't have ot pull these parts myself. Or is anybody knows of a website that has used parts for the swap.
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