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5th gen B20 Tech

Discussion in 'Swap Articles' started by pissedoffsol, Jan 12, 2004.

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    In 1997, Honda began offering the CRV as part of its new model line. While most of us weren’t interested in this vehicle, those interested in building the ultimate hybrid were delighted when they found a B-series motor under the hood. While there are some adjustments and changes that need to be made, this motor comes rated with around 140 torque and 140 horsepower making it a very viable candidate for swap.

    Here is what you’ll need:
    1.ECU: P75(B18B)
    Note: Some P74's will work as well, but P75's are a sure thing for the most part
    2. B-series throttle cable specific to motor, B17A or B16A throttle cables will both work
    Note: B18C throttle cables are different due to the GSR intake manifold
    3. LS Intake Manifold if using B20B (B20B CRV Manifold is designed like a Waterfall or as some people call a "giraffe", too tall for Civics and thus won't clear the hood. The B20Z IM will work)
    3. B-series engine mounts (more on this below)
    4. Integra Shift linkage/ 99-00 Civic Si Shift Linkage
    (del Sol shift linkage is about an inch too long, needs to be cut and rewelded to be made to fit, NOT RECOMMENDED!!)
    5. B-series Axles
    6. B-series hydrolic Transmission (S80, S4C, Y21)
    Note: The CRV tranny cannt be used, due to its 4WD system

    The Swap:

    As is the case with all B-series swaps, you’ll be ready to go after you’ve located a B-series transmission and B-series axles. Remember, the CRV transmission is designed to utilize an all wheel drive setup, which is just not going to work in our front wheel drive civics.

    Motor Mounts:

    As far as mounts are concerned, the rear mount and transmission side mounts are the same in 1994-2000 Integra’s and in 1994-1997 del Sol VTEC’s. However, the driver’s side mount bracket is sometimes different between these motors so it’s easiest to use the mount that comes with the motor. A B-series transmission mount will also be needed, and its recommended that you get this mount when locating the transmission.


    The wiring depends on the model and year of your 5th Gen. I recommend using the wiring harness from the car the motor is going in, or a LS wiring harness which will plug right in. If your Civic was equipped with VTEC and you use the car's harness, you will have extra plugs. That is ok, just tie them off somewhere out of the way.


    When finished with this swap, you’ll be very happy with its torque and low end power band. I’ve personally seen several mid to low 14-second fifth generation hybrids over the last few years and for auto-crossing this motor would do very well. The key is finding the right transmission, ideally from a GSR or ITR, so that acceleration is maximized. Now of course, with each application the transmission may vary.
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