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5thg b-series civic hatch vs. h22 accord

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> BA-BB /CA-CD' started by solutionzero, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. solutionzero

    solutionzero Junior Member

    Well I've been researching for a while now on all different swaps and can't seem to decide which of these 2 would be better, or actually faster. I want a pretty good lookin car with some power. I don't necessarily want to drag but the occasional stoplight drags and weekend night kind of stuff would be fun. I am thinking of either a Civic hatch 92-95 with a b18c or a b16a, or a 92-93 Honda accord with a h22a in it. Now the accord weights 600 pounds more or so than the civic I guess that would be a factor in 1/4 mile and 1/8 times, but I'm not sure. I just want to here some input on what would be a smarter swap, what we be easier to do, what would be more reliable, which has more potential, and which will go faster. I'd guess my goal would be to get into the 14's on quarter mile runs. Pretty much as low as i can get while keeping it reliable and on somewhat of a budget. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. swanny

    swanny Senior Member

  3. H22AdelSol

    H22AdelSol Senior Member

    ok i think ill be the first person here to say i have the expierence of both of those engines and the h22 laughs its ass off at the b hatch. i dont give a shit if the h22 weighs 80 more lbs than the b engine. its got way more power than the b engine that 80 more lbs doesnt hurt it. and yes ive raced b hatch and i beat him, my buddies accord beat em to. its funny how alot of ppl say omg h22 80 lbs heavier must be the slowest thing on earth, well whatever go spend 1000 more bucks on your slower b series motor while i spend less money on mine and still whoop your ass. it must suck when the majority of ppl think there b series will kill some other persons h series and then they race and get beaten by the h series. i feel so bad for the uninformed.
  4. dohcvtec_accord

    dohcvtec_accord WRX Sellout

    Both are quick setups, and will run similar 1/4 mile times. Personally, I prefer the Accord, since I'm not a fan of hatchs.
  5. solutionzero

    solutionzero Junior Member

    Well I am looking for more reliability and which would go faster. I do not want to h22 a civic cuz from what i read its alot harder than b series. I just don't know how fast i could get a h22 accord. I have $8000 to play with for everything, the actual car, engine, parts, ect. Civic i would do a little body work on since it looks a little girly without a more agressive lookin from end and paint but an accord looks pretty bad ass like it is. $8000 is my total and along with the engine and performance i would need to spend some on paint, the red/white tails, and some good racing wheels and tires. Same with civic. So what do you think?
  6. JDMPlaya

    JDMPlaya Senior Member

    does anyone know the 1/4 times for an h22 accord?

    Is it just a bolt in?

    I was thinkin about this setup also sorry for whoring your thread
  7. khrisb

    khrisb ******

    You think the civic looks girlie and the accord looks cool? Maybe it's just me. Whenever I see an accord around here, it's piloted by a college girl or a little old lady. Maybe I'm too used to seeing that. The civic looks much meaner than the accord IMO.
  8. dohcvtec_accord

    dohcvtec_accord WRX Sellout

    Click the link in my sig and then tell me Accords still look girly. :) Around here, most of the guys who drive Civics are riding on cut springs with lameass body kits and fartcan mufflers.

    The Accord will cost you more, but you'll have a roomier ride. It depends....do you want something that will be strictly for performance (Civic), or something that will be a little bit of a nicer ride (Accord)?
  9. solutionzero

    solutionzero Junior Member

    the 90-93 accords are nice lookin. Maybe newer accord look girly but 90-93 look mean as hell.
  10. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ Guest

    I would go with the H22 in the Accord. Around here they are almost not herd of. I know of one that i only herd from somebody else's homie. B18 and B16 in a 92-95 hatch is cool and would be pretty quick but everybody has one! Most people dont expect an accord to be hella fast. I would have to say that about 90% of accords here in Fresno CA are slow! Props to the people that have fast accords. Fast accords have style and sickness!!
  11. driver1

    driver1 Senior Member

    I dont see how this could be a girlie looking car in anyway.....


    and it goes damn good to :D
  12. dohcvtec_accord

    dohcvtec_accord WRX Sellout

    ^^^ That is a killer Accord. :eek:
  13. driver1

    driver1 Senior Member

    I like it, it should be boosted this spring time :D
  14. khrisb

    khrisb ******

    I've seen pics of your accord. It was pretty sweet. I was just saying, around here, old ladies and college girls are most seen driving accords. There are a couple H22 swapped accords in my town. One is riced out, but the other looks cool. I dunno. I just don't like the accord body style too much.

  15. :angry: And what the hell is that suppose to mean???.... :p j/k

    I don't know much about accord engines except that they have more hp and supposively drive like shit in a civic (and it doesn't appear that that was an option for you) so I can't help ya much on this.

    I like the hatch myself and if you keep it a sleeper, it will make you beating that pansy ass who said your car looks "girlie" even more pissed.
  16. JDMilan

    JDMilan Senior Member

    hatch all the way...
  17. haccord141

    haccord141 Senior Member

    yeah boy! i have a 91 accord. And i love it. I would say go for they accord it might be a little harder to find things but you have a shit load of room under the hood to put any thing you want.
  18. 90 accord

    90 accord Chicks dig the box Moderator

    here's my old 90 accord, before i polished the wheels and before it was stolen..

  19. turbo4dr

    turbo4dr Member

    that is funny cause my friend has a h22 in his 94 accord and i have a 93 ls in my 93 civic and i raced his friends gsr and beat him so they said they were going home to get the accord he came back and i whip his car even worse. I had a 3" exhast and a short ram and his car hand i/h/e and cam gears with a tune. I thought his swap was a waste of money and time
  20. haccord141

    haccord141 Senior Member

    yeah right, i would like to see a video of this.Shit with all that he did to his car he should be putin over 200 horses to the wheels. he could be a shitty driver, auto, and maybe he let you win.

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