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6th gen Civic Basic swap overview

Discussion in 'Swap Articles' started by pissedoffsol, Jan 12, 2004.

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    Basic 6th gen B-series Swap info

    Assuming you have already purchased an OBD2 (96-98) B-series swap, here's some basics on what else you need to get it in your car.

    Unless you got a b16a2 from a 99-00 Civic SI, you will need to get 2 mounts from this setup. The rear tranny mount and the driver side mount can be had for about $70 for both pieces. In addition, if you wish to use AC on the swap, you will need a 96-97 del Sol AC bracket. This goes for about $100. check local junk yards, or online OEM parts stores, or your local Honda Dealer may have some of these parts available.

    On the driver side mount, use the mount from the SI and reuse the stock civic studs and any other parts that may be needed for this corner of the mounting process.
    For the rear tranny mount, use SI mount mentioned above, but us the stock civic rubber.
    If you decided to keep AC, use the del Sol bracket mentioned above, but use the civic stud and rubber. While the Integra/Civic SI AC parts look similar, they are not and simply won't fit.
    For the front tranny mount, you can use the Integra or civic Si mount from the tranny, but retain your stock Civic studs and rubber. Again, the Integra/Si rubber looks similar, but it also will not work correctly.
    Finially for the upper tranny mount, simply use all the stock Civic mount materials.

    Now that the moutning situation has been taken care of, there are still a few things that need to be noted. You need to use the Integra shift linkage for your b-series motor, or you will need to cut/add/weld on to your stock d-series shift linkage. They are different lengths. It is highly recommended that you just buy the shift linkage from the Integra, and most B-series swaps now-a-days include them anyway.

    When mounting the exhaust with the Integra OEM manifold, it may be necessary to cut your b-pipe a few inches so that the extran length added by the Integra exhaust manifold/downpipe will work with your stock cat and exhaust. You could also use an aftermarket header, and depending on the model of it, it may or may not fit without cutting the B-pipe. Know which set-up you are after before you cut anything. It never hurts to take measurements... and cut short. It's easier to make another cut just a hiar wide then need to have another inch for contact.

    If you did not buy an obd2 swap for your 6th gen, things get much more complicated, and we will attempt to tackel that sometime down the road.
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