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82 Civic 1500GL $2008 Challenger

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by 82CivDswap, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. 82CivDswap

    82CivDswap New Member

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    Nov 24, 2007
    Under your GF's Bed
    I didn't know where to really place my post, so feel free to move it as needed.
    I figured I'd use this post as a sort of blog/writeup/complaining area, somewhere I can ask questions, others can ask questions, and others can see the progress to use it for a "how-to" also where I can get suggestions for my budget.

    My name is tim and I just got my 2nd ever honda Civic. As my name sugguests, its a 1982 1500GL... It was given to me in hopes of turning it into a "GRMS $2008 Challenger" (Go to Grassroots Motorsports Online for more info.) Anyways for those unfamiliar with the challenge, you are given a budget of $2008 dollars to Buy, Repair and Race Prep a car to compete in a number of challenges. Seems like a task right? well, Ive got a good start. With the car, I was given a CRX Si Trans, 92 Civic LX brakes, and more importantly, a D15B7 running engine...

    This will be my first challenge car and my first time building a car. so yes, im a noob... Ive been lurking around here for a little while and I've decided that Id like to attempt a "mini-me" swap as it seems to be the best bargain for power. Id prefer to use the D15 because of the limited budget, but not dead set on it. I guess my goal would be about 160hp, enough to launch it into the low 13's. AFAIK 2nd Gen Civics rolled off the assembly line at about 1600-1700lbs, and this one has already been striped of all interior, so I don't think that'll be too hard.:D

    Where am I at now? The engine is on my friends car port floor, the car is in the back yard, the trans, brakes, Complete wiring harnesses for a 92 Civic LX and the 82 Civic, the dash and two really ugly seats are in the hatch. Right now I'm trying to gauge the rust and see if its going to even be worth the trouble, at which this project will end. I dont want to build a pile o crap... while I'm not too hung up on looks, id like it to look in good shape and more importantly, safety. I can try and repair the rust, but theres one place I'm not sure about (See the photos below)

    the good news is the PO went through and labeled most every nut and bolt and line... reassembly shouldn't be too hard. my biggest problem right now is getting it mounted. I got no welder and I've never done it.(btw, if anyones got some pics of this car with similar mounts, I'd love to see them :D) the only person helping me is my friend, but hes an old-school V8 truck guy, so he can only provide so much help...

    heres some pics of the victim- er fun project car :D lemme know what ya think
  2. 89_Si

    89_Si New Member

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    Nov 21, 2007
    Post Falls, ID
    Sounds like a fun project, should do well in the challenge. I have a buddy on one of the vw forums doing this with a rabbit. Good luck on the build.
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