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$85 Track Day@Willow Springs-Street of Willow- July28-29 SoCal

Discussion in 'Racing and Driving Techniques' started by Lietle, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Lietle

    Lietle Member

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    Jan 7, 2011
    Extremespeedtrackevents will be at Willow Springs-Streets of Willow
    in SoCal- July 28-29 for a track day,
    Special Weekend ...
    Saturday July 28th morning run form 9am-3:30pm for $85

    Saturday night a Twilight Under The Lights Event from 4pm thru Midnight (Track will have professional lights)
    Twilight Event is $115 must use DISCOUNT CODE ( twilight2 )

    Sunday July 29th will be a normal track day from 9am-5pm Sundays price is $95 use DISCOUNT CODE ( Sow15 ) for this day

    Any Questions email sung@extremespeedtrackevents.com
    Register here- Extreme Speed Track Events
    Must register before July 15th

    All hondaswap forum members get a free T Shirt :D:D

    Free timing for all drivers
    Free basic instruction for all drivers
    Free lunch or dinner for all drivers
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