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86 Crx Si and a 89 Acura

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by Hyper@ctive, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. Hyper@ctive

    Hyper@ctive Junior Member

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    Aug 1, 2004
    Hello I have a 86 Crx Si and I bought a 89 Acura Integra ls dirt cheap
    everything works but I have read a lot of things, and the more I read the
    more I get lost I can replace motors and I have done so in the past I have a
    motor hoist and all but I have never did an updated motor and I have read
    a lot on the net and have a few "?'s" first of all why cant I just use the wire harness out of the Integra or is that more difficult, also said there is a differance to
    the 86-87 and the 88-89 now is the 89 acura better to use the motor or was it
    better to use an older acura? see I would like to avoid the spliceing of
    wire as much as I can its a very weak spot for me. I have the whole Integra
    and would like to use as much as I need from the Integra as I can Ive seen web pages useing the breaks and calipers, now when they did the axles did they have to shave or mod the axles at all to get them to fit, I would like to be able not
    having to modify the axle if posible, The Pictures really help to understand a
    lot when explaining on how to do this. Ive herd about using the hubs off of the acura and bolting them to the crx without having to mod them. Ive herd that they hooked up ok. On the motor if I have the 89 acura is that the D16A1 that is a 113 or 118 hp and is that motor what they call a ZC motor?? sorry to ask all these ?'ss but I need to be able to take everything I need from the acura so I can send it
    out to the junk yards. also I read somewhere I can use the rear disc brakes from the acura and they will bolt up to the crx. if anybody has info about any of this itll be great and pictures help Thanx
  2. crx

    crx Senior Member

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    Oct 17, 2002
    cali near sac
    i think the only difference between the 87 and the 88 is vacuum advance and electronic advance, the dizzy's might bolt up differently

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