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87 CRX SiT...rebuild......=)

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by Airjockie, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. Airjockie

    Airjockie Watanabe Whore!!!

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    Jan 21, 2003
    Meriden, CT, USA
    Hehe...well...after the CRX has sat for nearly a year...in the driveway...I finally decided to try to get another car running.....

    Here's the rundown....I have done all kinds of work to this little car, and made it strong, fast, and fun....

    From porting and polishing the head, to the ACT clutch, light weight flywheel, to the Phantom Grip LSD, the TD04 turbo, etc...etc...etc... it was a built little car, but my fab job on the exhaust was what prolly killed it...it was too narrow for highway raceing, but perfect for autocross. Plus the engine has 217,000 miles on the stock bottom end, and I have been nurturing the rings for for the last 10,000 mile before that...then I got cocky and turbo'ed the car just for the hell of it...if the rings were going to blow, then they might as well go out in style....so rebuild time once again. B) and they lasted 2000 mile :lol: it died at 219,722.9 miles + a few hndred miles on that because I had a broken odometer cable for a month..... :ph34r:

    Opened the car up this morning and I guess it has a leak somewhere...so wet-stale-carpet-smell from the long winter had takeing the carpet....ohh well...no big deal. I can either fully strip the car or fully redo the interior when the time comes. I have to move the car away from the fence that it has been faceing for the last 10-11 months, so I can try to get it started and limp it to a shop,...but no luck. The brakes have seized somewhere, or the E-brake is permanetly on...so I gave up moveing it. Welll...back to starting it.....

    I took out all the plugs and gave them a good cleaning....they were covered with so much soot, that the car died in a rich condition....hehe...to much fuel, so that means that the walls were prolly soaked down and the oil washed away...ohh well...no big deal. The good thing is that I didn't see any damage on the plugs, like any dents or dings and the inside insulator is still intack...so now I know it's not detonation that killed the motor. Those cleaned up, I installed them again and moved to the wires. they all ohmed out good, so I know I didn't have a mis-fire from that possibility. Next I took the dizzy cap off, and looked at the rotor and cap...they were just a little oxidized, but not to bad, so I filed them up to get the nice shiny brass areas exposed again... Then on to the fuel...I swiped the Fuel pressure gauge to see what the AE86 was getting for fuel, so I had to go swipe it back...3 minute's and it's installed again. Battery...well the battery was dead...had to expect that...no big deal...go grab the battery charger....well...I hooke the charger up, but I guess it was time to die...so a big poof of smoke arose from the cooling vents on the charger..... ahh well...it did it's job plenty of times...just time to go get a new one. So I swapped the battery out with the battery I had in the AE86....so now I have juice.

    Well...it was time to see what happens..so I plugged everything back in, and removed the coil wire....and cranked the engine over to get the oil flowing again.....once I felt it cranked enough, I went and plugged the coil wire back in...and cranked....nothing. :sad: no start. Ohh well, I knew it was on it's last leg anyways...it just barely made it home before it died in the driveway...to bad...poor CRX :sad: I had fun with that engine and the many thousands of miles I beat it up with....besides...I was trying to blow the motor so I could have an excuse to replace it or rebuild it. I succeeded. :ph34r:

    Well...now I got to the point to where I would look at this a little closer to see what happened. So I whipped the plugs back out, and slapped a compression testor on it.

    #1 cylinder had 0 psi...as in ZERO, none, NADA, nai....zelch.
    #2 cylinder had 80 PSI...as in just barely moveing the gauges needle....
    #3 cylinder had 100 psi....that was 20 psi below the normal minimums..
    #4 cylinder had 145 psi...and that is around normal...for the engine.

    So judgeing from those number's....I'm betting it's a head gasket....seeing that I did the head gasket swap on it around 30,000 miles back, and it was a cheap ass gasket from Autozone...so I'm not worried. But just in case, I took out the torque wrench and went around all the head bolts to see if they just didn't loosen up over the time...they were all still torqued B)

    So as it sits now, I'm not reading any fuel pressure, so the gauge might not have registered or the pump has fried...no big deal...I'll just get another fuel pump and swap it out. But I did smell a little bit of gas on the plugs...but they were not soaked. So a new pump will be found soon. I knew the rings were bad in the engine, so I'm going to have to replace the block...I have another full engine here at the house that was out of SiSteves old CRX, and I thought about just swapping that in....but it sat for quite a while, so I will have to take it apart and inspect everything...but not right now...no room to do another engine rebuild, and no time. So I contacted a few Canadians, and they are going to bring me an engine block that was freshly rebuilt with a few miles on it......all for a trade of some doors that I was hanging onto to do a lighteng job on...I was going to make the 80Lb door become 40 pounds...but I need an engine first, so the project doors will be leaving me....hehe, along with a lot of other spare parts that I don't need anymore, and they can prolly use up north, like a spare hood I was going to hack up to make a drop-vent hood out of, a rear hatch, some bumper covers...etc...etc...ohh...the engine arrives on this Friday...hehe

    So hopefully in the next month I'll have the CRX back on the road again, and the AE86 tuned, and the Jeeps throttle cable replaced along with new shocks on it, and the Z with a bigger, stronger motor and a full suspension set-up on it done...things are looking up lately....hehe...even the wife is fixed now....but still in the recovery mode....I wonder how many more miles I'll get out of her? :ph34r: Plus I have a little project on the side that I'm helping to build...and it will be sick.

    Nap time
  2. dohch22a4

    dohch22a4 Senior Member

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    Feb 5, 2003
    Spokane, WA
    Cool. :)
  3. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Retirement Home
    lol you're such a car nerd. you just refered to the wear and tear on your wife as mileage :D
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