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Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by 91hondacivichatch, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. 91hondacivichatch

    91hondacivichatch Junior Member

    Huge Garage Sale

    Have to Sell/Trade this stuff quick, Iam in nc and all can be shipped if buyer pays to ship it. Or if in Tenn. or NC. will meet you half way. Hers the list of stuff i have.
    You cam aol im me at Hondavteccrx or email me at Hondavteccrx@aol.com for pics or questions u may have.

    - IHI RHB5 turbo kit complete kit with everything from gaskets to the intercooler. heres some things that come with the turbo kit:
    IHI RHB5 turbo
    turbo rebuild kit
    HF manifold *already ported and painted high temp black paint*
    block guard
    manual boost controller
    blow off valve
    SOHC OBX adjustable cam gear
    copper head gasket
    WIll take 900 or best offer on turbo kit. or will trade.

    - Brand new autometer 5" carbon fiber monster tach with red shift light. Lights up 7 different colors for the backlighting real nice. take 110 or best offer, or will trade.

    - 2 17" Konig gt-r's racing rims. there black witha 1" polished lip, real nice, used but in good condition, have nitto 450 tires on them. take 140 or best offer on them or trade.

    - Sony cdx-m630 headunit, like new, has brand new wiring harness on it. motorized face and everything. take 80 or best offer for it or will trade.

    - Pioneer headunit, duno model number have to go check 200w real nice, take 100 or best offer or trade.

    -2 10" Audiobahns flame q's in a Bandpass box, all chrome and all in original boxes. reallly nice sys. will set car alarms off. take 200 or best offer on it or trade.

    -200w amp take 50 or best offer on it or trade.

    -obx racing cam gear, brand new in box never used, silver in color, take 80 or best offer on it or trade.

    -ZC complete motor swap, comes w zc intake manifold, zc head and zc block. has about 70K miles on it. make offers on it or trades.

    - ZC head, been port n polished. make offers or trades.

    -ZC intake manifold w obx racing fuel rail and lots of extras. MAke offers or tardes.

    - 88-91 civic/crx stock headlights, cleaned n look new. make offers or trades

    -88-91 civic.crx clear corners, make offers or trades.

    - BOX full of ZC parts such as pistons, rods, cams, and all kinds if stuff make offers or trades.

    I think thats all i have as of now. But all these prices or best offer so email me with a deal no offers refused. Also i will trade for anything for my 91 civic hatch, heres sum things iam lookin for:

    -88-91 civic hatch bodykits
    -88-91 civic hatch projector headlights or halos
    -anything for 88-91 hatch exterior, interior, or motor mods.

    Just email me and work a deal out with me. thankx
    email me for pics
  2. dizzyroc88

    dizzyroc88 Member

    i want the motor. i can go and pick it up just let me know
  3. berettagtz117

    berettagtz117 Member

  4. pocketrocket

    pocketrocket Junior Member

    what do you want as a trade (or cash) for the corner lenses, and are you getting rid of any body panels? I need a drivers fender and a hood. I have a 90 civic hatch, maybe i have something that you want or need.I'm not sure what i have random shit mostly. Accually, i really need the fender and hood asap. if you could give me a price on those. we also have random parts form a couple of 1st gen rexes. they are my babies. if you want something from them you can have that too. I'm in the dog house for busting up my BF's civic and i want to fix it as a suprise. thanks
  5. 91hondacivichatch

    91hondacivichatch Junior Member

    sent all u guys pm's thansk for ur intreast and get back with me thanks
  6. petrosvr4

    petrosvr4 Junior Member

  7. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    how much for the Front P. LCA and knuckle for a Civic HB shipped to 64015
  8. reckedracing

    reckedracing TTIWWOP

    has anyone bought from this guy?
    if so did you recieve everything as promised and in good condition...
    looking to get the radios, but wary of online purchases for obvious reasons...
  9. MinuteRice

    MinuteRice Junior Member

    Do you have a lower timing belt cover form the zc motor for sale?
  10. reckedracing

    reckedracing TTIWWOP

    well, not sure what the hell is wrong with this guy but i've been trying to buy those radios from him and so far today he has ducked off AIM twice when i tried to talk to him about it... so please, everyone beware of this seller...
  11. 91hondacivichatch

    91hondacivichatch Junior Member

    yo i have been at school all day so its been my bro or sumone else here online and they didnt reply to you , iam sorry bout that plz get back with me on radio

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