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89 Accord Swap

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> BA-BB /CA-CD' started by drudown, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. drudown

    drudown New Member

    Is it possible to swap a B20A fi Prelude engine into an '89 Accord A20 carb???
    The body styles are very similar, both 2 litre engines. I have the accord and is in great shape, but the engine is weak. I thought this might be a relatively cheap way of giving the g/f a nice reliable work car. Anyone know if this has been done? Same questions as any swap: shift linkage, axles, etc.
    Thanks alot.
  2. Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck JDMDecals.com guru

    if you go B20a here is a great reliable place..... Tiger Japanese Auto Parts LTD - B20A DOHC Engine only Honda Prelude 88-91

    also i wouldnt go that route cus i personally own a B20a in my 3rd gen prelude, there isnt a whole lot of performance background for these motors... yes there are some numbers out there in the 500+ range... but they werent cheap

    now i would do the H22 swap, since the B20a will drop in these cars the H22 shouldnt be any harder.... yes it will get spendy but it will be unique... since the accord of this gen is very similar to the 3rd gen preludes this swap should be cake walk (only issue is wiring but there are Rywire kits available).... here are some links for the swap in the prelude, should be identical:

    Team Interlude's 3rd Gen Prelude H22 Swap Writeup
    H22 Vtec SWAP conversion WRITE uP; An Introduction. Long. - Preludepower.com
    Honda-Tech.com: Hybrid: 1991 3 GEN PRELUDE JDM H22A PROJECT.

    also after reading some of the reviews of this swap, the difference between the B20 and the H22 is only about 30lbs.... now the oil pan hangs a lil low so ground clearance might be a issue as well in the accord......

    the choice is yours.... good luck
  3. drudown

    drudown New Member

    this is a repost, is it not? the reason i want to change the motor is because it's not fuel injected and in the winters it poses a problem. i'm not in the least bit interested in swapping an h22 into my $300 accord. that'll cost more than swapping a b16 into my crx! and then ur stuck paying for gas for an h22. i had a '93 SR-V a few years ago before the gas prices went nuts and it was bad enough then!


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