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89 Civic DX Hatch with B18 Complete 1500 WA

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by psycho.chicken, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. psycho.chicken

    psycho.chicken Junior Member

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    Jul 14, 2006
    Hey Guy's

    Due to my 99 ranger blowing up and having to buy a new truck I had to write a down payment check, and to cover that check i have to sell my 1989 civic DX Hatch.

    It does need a few things, and will need to be towed home
    Please read the following as i will tell you the same thing on an email

    It's a 89 civic hatch DX

    It's been painted a charcoal grey / blue with tangerine pearl (stock 06 ford color) looks sweet!

    Has a poly body kit from wings west? missing the front bumper, has stock oem painted to match car.

    Has an exhaust system on car,

    Interior was swapped out for a grey/black out a a car in great shape

    Seats are from an SI CRX - STILL NEED THE FRONT 2 BOLTED IN

    WINDSHIELD needs to be replaced, as it is cracked severely.

    BRAKES - Needs a front right brake caliper, as i cant find teh one i took off for the life of me!!! Will need to bleed the brakes

    Will need the exhaust manifold welded up to the exhaust on the car, OR buy a 65 dollar header on Ebay and be done with it.


    B18B1 Block form a 96 with the B18A head with B18B cams
    Block has 45K on it, Both just came from the machine shop
    block's deck was checked and it's near perfect
    Head was given a 3 angle valve job, new seals, valve giuides checked, and valve seats down with valve job, was milled .001 of an inch to bring it to perfection!

    New belt, waterpump, distributor etc...

    Tranny is from a 90/91 LS 5-Speed

    Clutch was from Ebay

    Brand new lifetime warranty distributor (250 bucks,....)

    Nice looking wheels, my buddy said they are "fat 5's"
    They have seen better days, and have hit a curb or two... But they still look good.

    Car does start, and run/idle just fine.

    It can be pulled forward and backward, but not driven, as there are no brakes!

    It has to be towed! You cannot fix it here and drive it home.

    89 civic with b18 hatch for pictures

    Car is going on ebay this tuesday if no takers reserve will be 1500

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