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90 Integra electrical issues with B16A Xsi swap

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by bmarcum, May 16, 2006.

  1. bmarcum

    bmarcum Junior Member

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    May 16, 2006
    Did a search for relavant topics and can't locate the issue I am having so I'm hoping some one can help me out.

    I have a 90 Integra and just finished doing an engine swap using a B16A from a JDM Xsi (PR3 OBD1 ECU). I did everything myself (with the exception of modifying the engine harness) and have had no problems until I tried to turn on the lights. The car runs perfectly at idle until an electrical load is applied such as headlights or cooling fans. When load is applied it causes the RPM to take a dive and the car nearly dies. If you tap the gas to increase the RPM, the problem goes away. It's as though the alternator is not being excited by the ECU but the blue wire from the alternator has continuity to the ECU. The battery is brand new, alternator is brand new and was tested before placing in the car, the EACV has been swapped, and I have checked all my grounds in the engine bay but can't find anything odd. Paint was sanded away to ensure good grounds at every location. I've also tried adjusting the idle screw but that didn't help either. I'm thinking that I have missed a ground somewhere (although I was extremely careful) or the ECU is bad. Anybody got any ideas as I've tried everything. BTW, the only other modifications to the car are just and intake, exhaust, and flexalite fans. The problem happens even when the fans are disabled. Everything else is stock.
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