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91 civic HB SI clean title NOR CAL

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by jed2012, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. jed2012

    jed2012 Junior Member

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    Oct 7, 2005
    i was home for 2 weeks last month from iraq but im back in iraq...... and i found out im getting extended for another 9 months sooo im like fuck i just bought this car i wanted to build and now i just dont want to deal with it lol.

    anyways 91 civic HB SI

    was told a rebuilt or swaped si motor But i never got papers so who really knows. has dc headers. front strut bar, rear lower strut bar apexi canister exhaust. CLEAN CLEAN Interior .... Beutiful for 14 years old i mean couldnt ask for better no rips wear or stains. lowered on some sort of adjustable coilovers... not sure what brand. was told has camber kit but i never took off the tires to accually look. also has Alarm that works. Has a couple cross overs and a amp on the back of the rear seat... never got time to deal with it. doesnt have a deck. also some sort of ahh intake dont know what brand... also has some type of ignition too forget the brand... I was going to put a sir front end on so the 2 days after i got i spent hours and hours and hours striping the paint from the front doors back. got all the paint off except the door jams.... it had orginal red paint then yellow paint job and then someone painted the outside with like krylon spray paint. dumb asses... i just bought it cause the body was straigt i wanted a clean body to put sir front end on and then get clean as paint job. i primared the car except for the front end i never striped cause i was going to get rid of it and covered it with car cover before i left. The car has a clean title.... thats why i bought it... when strippin the paint i found a couple dings that were filled with bondo.... rear quarter panels and driver door.... nothing big look like they were professionally done before the yellow paint job. but need to be redone before new paint job due to stripin paint damaged the bondo. car has 17x,xxx miles on it dont remember how much exactly. i got carfax on it after i bought cause i wanted to know what happened to it.... you can all view. only thing missing is the plastic striping that goes down the door and rear quarter panel. tryed to take off to strip paint and broke one so i removed them all. Dont know if passes smog never even turned in the title to dmv yet...... it should tho... i would think doesnt smoke when driving or anything lookin at also 50 series tire on 16 stocky rims with si hubcaps 2500 obo will try to get my wife to get some pictures

    carfax http://www.carfax.com/cfm/FSBO.cfm?report=CFX000010093950

    get ahold of me jed2012ca@hotmail

    or jed2012c on aim

    or jed2012 on yahoo messenger

    i probably wont check anything on here soo get ahold of me there
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