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91 prelude...swap..help!

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by yohonda, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. yohonda

    yohonda New Member

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    Jan 6, 2008
    k...i try to find info on other threads never any good help...so here it is.... wats a good swap...i wanna drop a h22 ..where can i find mounts????...wat about other b series...b16s b18s swapable? looking for a vtec swap...not really worried about cost doin all work by my self...so tell me what u can and thanx
  2. Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck JDMDecals.com guru

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    Nov 30, 2007
    Spearfish, South Dakota
    H22 swap is about your only option when i comes to vtec.....

    the B16 and the B18 dont swap in YET.... rumor is someone out there is in the works of making some mounts.... there is hood clearence issues thus the other B series wont drop in......

    but H22 is quite common these days and id go with the H over the B's... cheaper and more power/torque....

    here is thread on preludepower.com (check it out and become a member, alot of knowledgable ppl on there that can help you....its the largest 3rd gen forum out there)....

    H22 Vtec SWAP conversion WRITE uP; An Introduction. Long. - Preludepower.com

    Team Interlude's 3rd Gen Prelude H22 Swap Writeup

    Honda-Tech.com: Hybrid: 1991 3 GEN PRELUDE JDM H22A PROJECT.
  3. 1Funryd

    1Funryd Member

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    Dec 8, 2006
    Here is the link to the most informative writeups for the H22 swap into the 3rd gen chassis:

    3rd Gen FAQ/Resources - Common Fixes, Manuals, Write ups, etc - Preludepower.com

    Its on preludpower.com

    As for the wiring for the conversion, uncle Buck is correct, just email Ryan@rywire.com and they can do the harness conversion for you.

    Mounts are sold through me since I had them produced and did all the nasty hardwork to get them produced.

    I sell the mounts for $475 + shipping and any paypal fees, but I also accept money orders.

    Anyone can contact me at: onefunrydperformance@q.com
    Or pm me thru here as well.

    And sorry but AZ Race will not give out that information for the dimensions, they worked to hard on this project to just give up all the secrets.

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