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'92 Hatchback with H22 for Sale!!

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by soup0904, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. soup0904

    soup0904 New Member

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    Dec 13, 2006
    Stevens Point, Wisconsin
    I have a 1992 Honda Civic 3-door Hatchback (yellow) with a H22 motor. If you would like to know more please e-mail me at AndyC@pittsvillehomes.com.

    This civic has just been built about 2 years ago. I driven it about 7,000 miles since then.

    45K miles on Engine, 180K Miles on the body. Don't let the miles scare you.

    Everything has been replaced. Everyting is new. I spent about $22K for parts and labor. BTW. I have purchaced another H22 motor for spare parts, I will also throw that in.

    Re-painted engine bay. Repainted interior. Everyting has been taken out (striped) car weight is now at 1800lbs. (2) Yellow Corbeau racing seats with CROW 5-point harness. 8-Point Roll cage welled to 6X6 1/8" thick plate welled to frame. New Break lines. New breaks rotors, drums, and pads. New feul pump, lines, fuel pressure gauage, (bigger) new fuel rail. New map sensor, Distrubitior, Lighten pully system, Modded Cpu chiped to redline at 8,600 RPM. Detnation sensior in CPU. No A/C. No power stearing. D/C sports headers 4-2-1. New Cold air intake. Lightened Flywheel, and Street racing clutch. Nothing done to the Transmision, except we took out the revous gear.

    $5K in suspension parts. I have Progressive Compition springs, anti-sway bar in the back, New lower control arms and upper control arms, New anti-sway bar in the front, Polly urthane bushings (complete kit), fully adjustable camber kit, camber correction kit, Dampering adjustment kit, progressive springs (not that hard), Progressive strut bar. Fox 5 Sport Edition rims with Yokahama Para Spec-2 low profile tires ($150/tire) Tires in front are at 70% in front, the back are so,so.

    I have pictures of before, durning the built-up, and after. I also have a movie of me at the USA International race way in Shawano, Wisconsin keeping up with a Z06.

    I had someone put in my DVD player with pioneer 4-1/2" 2-way 100watts in-door speekers, with (2) 6x9's 3-Way 200 Watts. These are powered by a 450 Watt RMS Amp. By Accustics. For the sub. I had a custom built box that fits in where the spair tire would go. I used a JL W-6, powered by a 800 Watt RMS Amp.

    I have kept all the recepts of all the parts used to build this car and installation instructions.

    I am asking $17,000, OBO.

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    AHHVTEC Well-Known Member VIP

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    Oct 13, 2006
    :eek::eek: 17 k good luck on that
  3. allbottledup

    allbottledup Senior Member

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    May 31, 2004
    Galloway, NJ
    wont let me watch the video
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