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93 accord tcu code2 sputtering problems

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Magana559, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Magana559

    Magana559 The Warden

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    Aug 9, 2008
    fresno Ca
    My roommate has a 93 accord and its acting really weird.

    First of all the fuel pump went bad, so we changed that. Next the main relay went bad....resoldered and fixed it. now the car sputters lags and runs like shit 9/10 times.

    when we first start to drive it runs smooth, after about 5 min of driving it starts to sputter and d4 starts blinking. jumped thewires and got code 2, I looked up code 2 and it says "short or open lock up controll solenoid valve b"

    so dose that mean its a bad solenoid?
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