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93 Obd-1 Teg Codes

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by aicoomer, May 4, 2003.

  1. aicoomer

    aicoomer Junior Member

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    Apr 5, 2003
    i'm having a little trouble w/ vacuum. the ecu is reading a code 3 and a code 14. thats MAP sensor and electronic air control. the map sensor has a good vacuum..... the sensor itself might be bad or the skunk has too much or too little manifold pressure. the car only runs fine when the electronic air control is unplugged from the wiring harness. I don't understand whats going on..... the best i can get it to idle at is 1100 rpm. when i plug the electronic air control back in it jumps around from 1500-1700 at idle but the motor still runs the same when you open the throttle. the only real problem i'm having is with idle.

    can anyone tell me whats up??

    on a related topic.... my good buddy is havin trouble w/ his motor..... his is a 91 teg (OBD-0) and its reading a code 1 (oxygen sensor) which we aren't worried about, cause he doesn't have one.... but the other code is a code 10 (intake air temp.) he just recently got his motor together and broken in.... it has je 11.7:1 pistons, eagle h-beams, crower stainless valves .5mm over, titanium retainers, dual valve springs, and 403 (street/strip) cam profiles. when the motor first ran..... we didn't rev it high.... to break it in.... but it was retarded 15 degrees @ the crank. but it seemed like it pulled pretty hard.... everyday since then.... its made less and less power.... now the car doesn't make enough power to push itself.... the motor just runs. he has a 9000 rpm rev limiter, and we can only get the motor to rev to 4000.

    Anyone know whats going on??
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