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94 accord ex swap to 98 h22a4 CEL codes

Discussion in 'Accord' started by DAccord23, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. DAccord23

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    Oct 6, 2009
    wassup everyone I just have a couple of questions about a swap i recently did, i swapped my 94 f22b1 accord to a h22a4 that came out of a 98 prelude but i kept the same tranny from my old motor(which is 5 speed)

    i have a p13 ecu that came out of a 92 prelude si but was told it should work fine with this swap

    i am using the obd1 f22 harness with that ecu

    the swap is done and the car is running but i have a few questions about my CEL codes
    im getting codes 41, 1, 12, and 17

    i researched everything and came up with this

    1- o2 sensor[​IMG]

    41- 02 sensor heater

    12- EGR

    17- VSS

    the motor originally had a block off plate on the egr but i purchased the egr valve and connected it to the original plug from the f22 harness but am still getting that code.

    as for the 02 sensor i also connected that with the plug that was being used on my f22 and its not working either. i also changed the 02 sensor and still nothing.

    i read this on honda tech
    "Lastly, you'll have to switch pins A6 and A11 at the firewall. One's for the Heated O2 sensor and one is for the EGR valve, they're switched with the Accords and Preludes."
    can someone explain what this means, to me it seems like he is saying to cut and re wire the plugs i currently have connected to the egr and o2 sensor then plug those in to where they belong . (Basically cut the plug off from where the egr and 02 sensor are currenly located and wire them opposite then plug them in) i am not sure tho so please help on that

    as far as the vss goes, the speedometer is no longer working after i did the swap and this is wierd because i am using the same tranny and it has the same plug as before can someone help me trouble shoot that also?

    also, the car iidling high between 1500 and 2000 rpms does this have anything to do with any of the sensors that are currently not working? if so will the problem be fixed after i fix all of these sensor issues?

    thanks in advance
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