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94 civic dx>b16a SIr II

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by stuckmofo, May 16, 2004.

  1. stuckmofo

    stuckmofo Junior Member

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    May 16, 2004
    1st off I realize some people hate shit like this but I don't really care! I'm sellin it cause I have a 92 hatch that needs a b18c1 with a t3/t4. Anyway if your into showy cars this is it!!!! Make me an offer BUT mail me at stuckmofo@hotmail.com i won't be on this site too often so mail me!!
    anyway check out pics @ www.cardomain.com/id/eternaldarkness

    This is a complete custom civic, show and race. Has the style and speed to match it up! The car has a complete wings west body kit, APC spolier, euro tail lights, aero speed exhaust, and 17.9" excel rims in kumho tires. It also had the side bumpers shaved off so the flames would go on smoothly and all the honda sings are shaved off! The body of the car has around 103,000 miles on it but it has just been painted (1 year ago)The flames are painted on with three colors: green,yellow outlines, with a bit of red in the tips. The body paint also has green pearl in it. When its wet or the sun hits it green sparkels appear! The interior is stock except for an awia cd player. it has a true JDM b16a SiR II( with 42,000 miles on it) in it! Its 170 hp its DOHC vtec and 1.6l Its fast and pulls really hard. The car is in good cond. with a few minor scratches and some really small dents. The rims are also in good cond. with a little scruff marks. If you want more pics please mail me, and if u want a specific pic of something. stuckmofo@hotmail.com Just look at this car its one of a kind and will turn heads everytime! Its also really loud because of the DOHC vtec which kicks in at 5500rpms! It will get tons of attention because of the looks and lots for the engine swap! :p
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