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95 civic with b16/b20 going to b18c1...conflicts?

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by Phenol312, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Phenol312

    Phenol312 New Member

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    Nov 13, 2007
    right now i have a 95 civic coupe configured to run a b16a (from a 99 si so i assume its OBDIIb) with b20 block (OBDIIa. The car is also currently equipped with the AEM EMS. No check engine lights or anything come on so i assume my harness is setup properly.

    I am interested to know what other kinds of blocks and heads i can use in my car without having to change wiring or engine mounts.

    B18A/B18B obdI block with 99 SI head?
    b18c OBDII block with 99 si head?
    b18c OBD II block and head?

    Is OBD dependent on the head or the block?

  2. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin VIP

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    Sep 30, 2002
    Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
    OBD is dependent on the head and sensors (on the head). Match the OBD revision with what you already have in the car and it'll pretty much be plug and play.
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