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95 ej started 5spd conversion/b16a swap, few questions

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by ilovekandypaint, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. ilovekandypaint

    ilovekandypaint resident paint pro

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    Jun 13, 2010
    ive searched around but couldnt find any definate answers that i needed.
    i'll start with the story and get to the specifics. i bought a 95 ex smashed with a b16 with a few mods for 800. i then found another 95 ex (non running) for 700. the only issue is this car is automatic. i am basically pulling everything (usable) from the smashed one and placing it in the one with the non running engine.
    what axles will i need? (i heard mixed years and vehicles that i will need axles from)
    what mounts? ( my rear connected to the b16, the drivers upper connected to the b16 are both broken. i wish to retain a/c and power steering...also the smashed one doesnt have a power steering pump, is the one and mount from the automatic ex usable) i believe i also read that i will need to drill out and re weld the 5 spd upper passenger mount (on the frame rail) onto my automatic car.
    should i need to run any wires if im pulling the engine harness connected to the engine and putting it in the automatic? im thinking i heard i will need to run a couple wires, but unsure since i have a whole car with the b16 im pulling out of.
    is there anything i should have to change on automatic to make the 5 spd conversion go smoothly. im aware of pedals, cluster, master/slave cyl.
    ecu time LOL. the smashed car has a stock p72 ( ive read several places that this isnt a great ecu for this engine). my brother has a p06 chipped with a ctr basemap. would this run better with this car than the stock p72. i also have the stock auto p28 but im trying to do this as cheaply as possible for the time being so i dont really wanna have to pay to have that one remapped.
    last question. with my auto radiator can i just cap off where the tranny coolant lines are since i wont be using those anymore. i have heard that a del sol vtec radiator is best for the engine since the ex radiator may make it run kinda hot when in traffic etc. is this so?
    sorry bout all the questions at once LOL.
    on a positive note i did get the d16z6 pulled today and the front of the smashed one cut apart, rad removed etc. i should have the b16 out tomorrow and hopefully in and runnin next weekend :)
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