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96 b18c into 2000 ek wont start. please help.

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by MADUBY, Jul 29, 2007.


    MADUBY Junior Member

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    Nov 16, 2003
    Ok here is what I am looking at. I purchased a 96 jdm b18c about a year ago. Its previous home was in a 95 coupe. I was able to run the motor before buying it, so i know the motor is good. i swapped the motor in last month and for the life of me cant get the damn thing to start. the sametime i swapped in the engine, i also did an auto to manual conversion. i dropped the motor in using avid mounts and the harness from my 2000 ek. i had to do very little to get the harness to fit. everything went fairly smoothly until i tried to start it. the engine tries to turn over, but will not start. i checked my codes and i am only throwing 1. a code 15. ignition output signal. from what i have read, that can be either my ecu or my dizzy. when i tried to connect the dizzy connector to the harness connector, it did not fit. i swapped the harness connector with the connector that was on the harness that came with the engine. it left 1 light blue wire that i have found out to be the tach signal, which i am going to connect to the tach test signal at the driverside firewall. i have checked the fuel pressure at the filter and it is there. i have tried to ground out a spark plug wire to the valve cover and i get nothing. only other problem i am getting is that my key will not release. not sure if this has anythning to do with it, but figured i would give you all of the information. please help. i believe my problem is either my ecu or my dizzy, but which one? if it is the dizzy, which dizzy do i buy to replace it? i really dont have the money to just swap out either just to find out it wasnt that and now have to buy the other. thanks to all who take the time to read this.
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