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96 ex b16 swap.

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by ovalracer44, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. ovalracer44

    ovalracer44 New Member

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    Jul 29, 2009
    Hey guys. I just completed the b16 swap into my 1996 civic ex. I got a JDM obd2 complete swap from hmotorsonline. I got everything in and hooked up and got the car fired up but have a misfire. I checked plug wires and everything is in order. I noticed I had some left over wires. There is no evap pressure sensor, there is only one wire going to the vtec solenoid and have a plug leftover with 2 wires from the original solenoid. There is also no CKF sensor.

    Am I missing something? Thanks
  2. 95EGCoupeVtec

    95EGCoupeVtec SOHC VTEC at its best

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    Aug 19, 2008
    South Mississippi
    check your timing to make sure its good. also, the extra plug that goes to the vtec solenoid is for the oil pressure switch on the solenoid. are your throwing any codes? if you are, vtec won't work. you need to take your wire coming from your ecu plug for the vtec oil pressure and tap it into the ecu wire coming off the vtec soilenoid power. d6 is the oil pressure wire and a4 is for the power to the solenoid. this will bypass the oil pressure switch to the ecu and make it work. some jdm vtec engines don't come with a vtec oil pressure switch on them. if you have any question hit me up on the PM.

    What ecu are you running it with?
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