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97 civic shell (perfect swap)

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by b18c1civic97, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

    NEW PICTURES 3/21/04

    As all of you have read a few weeks ago my car was stolen, on friday it was recovered but now I find myself with two cars. For sale I have a civic ex red in color, 5 speed (cruise control, power steering, power windows, sunroof, power doors.) I have all the stock parts that were stolen, such as a the stock hood, the stock headlights and taillights. The only things that were damaged was the lock mechanism that locks the backseat, the lock mechanism that locks the trunk. Other than that the main things that need attention are the fenders, I bought z3 fenders, but those were stolen and the original ones were damaged so I threw them away. Well I now have a del sol that I was planning of putting the d16y8, because that motor is relatively low mileage (45k, body is around 125k.) If I take the motor, I'm taking the wire harness as well and so you would have a shell that's complete interior, frame is straight never had an accident that damaged the frame. The body is in pretty good shape, near the rear right taillight a drunk driver rubbed the car leaving the club and they sped off before I could get their info, and the front bumper is a little dinged up from a fight I had with a curb. I'm looking for a gsr motor obd1 that I could put into the del sol. If somebody has a motor they're willing to exchange we could work something out. If not shoot some offers, the guys that stole my stuff haven't been arrested yet, but the police are looking into it. The car runs fine, the ignition cover needs to be put back on, and it runs fine, it didn't get damaged just dissassembled. Its ridiculous how easy the ignition system works. If nobody has a motor I'll take the motor and put it into my car for the time being, so anybody make some offers. I live in woodbridge, VA and if you want to call me call my cell at 5713383963 any time if you're serious about the car and we could work something out. I'm leaving virginia in less than two weeks, so that is the deadline for all of you that want to work a deal. Let me know, I'll post pix tomorrow during daylight.
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  2. dok

    dok Senior Member

    I know my boy has gsr motor in a del sol he flip and if your car runs he might trade you but were in chicago
  3. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

    Right now the car still has the apexi n1 catback exhaust, and the rear speakers are 1 month old, pioneers that run at $120 at best buy. The trunk and the top speakers in the back are almost completely dynamated. The front doors are completely dynamated too. I still have the stock radio, and if I get rims I could give you my steelies from the del sol, they have good life still in them, khumos. If I can get a motor then this car is yours w/ the motor, the engine runs excellent, the tranny grinds slightly going into third if your do it with a high rev. The thieves weren't able to get the short shifter either. Anyways here are some pictures


    I have all stock stuff except gauge cluster and fenders, everything else I have the stock ones. Any offers let me know. I tried to upload pictures but I couldn't, so just browse through the album.
  4. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

    also if somebody has some crazy setup, they want to trade along with the car, I have a crx si that has the b16a in it, it runs but needs some work to run right. I'm up for trades so hit me up. i'll take some pictures of the crx later today
  5. projectxspeed

    projectxspeed Senior Member

    how much are you looking to get for the civic chasis? Where are you located?
  6. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

    I'm not sure how much its worth, it has the full interior right now, like I said the only thing it will need are fenders and the gauge cluster other than that the car is complete. Also some rims and tires because the car isn't driveable with what it has now. Make an offer, and let me know if you want the engine in there, otherwise I would take it and put it into my del sol. I live in woodbridge virginia, zip is 22192.
  7. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

  8. envious333

    envious333 Junior Member

    i got 500 if you will take it
  9. numberonefjb

    numberonefjb Junior Member

    i live in leesburg va and am also interested in it. email me and let me know how much u want for it!
  10. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

    Put new pictures up, decided to test out my new camera phone :D Anyways, I put all the stock lights on again, fixed the igntion switch, and took a picture of the inside, as well as the engine bay. I still have the stock shift boot, but can't find the shift knob, as far as the emergency brake goes, it needs one because I chopped mines up when I took it out. Like I said, all the car needs is a gauge cluster, some good tires, intake and fenders and its good to go. A little into the motor, it is off of a 1999 honda civic ex, it should have around 45k miles, new belts, valves were retightened, new water pump, thermostat, all new seals and gaskets (about 4 weeks old), and it runs smooth. I put the motor on just a little bit before it got stolen. The red hood is the stock one sitting in my room, didn't feel like putting it on, its too cold outside. Thank you
  11. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

    I'm also willing to take a partial trade for parts for the del sol, I'm looking for motor mounts for either b series or h series, nitrous, seats, cd players, anything that I can use, if you have it we can work out a deal. Nothing ridiculous, but I am flexible, let me know. I will be going to Rhode Island next week, so I may be able to partially deliver this car, let me know.
  12. RomeoRx2

    RomeoRx2 Junior Member

    i'm in NY and i'm interested give me a call @ 646-418-9443
  13. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

    old thread but still for sale, BUMP :D
  14. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

    Finally moved to rhode island, but my parents are bugging the hell out of me to get the car sold. I'm not interested in parting out the car anymore, seeing that I would have to go to virginia to do the deal, so the car is being sold for cash. If anybody is interested in this car for $3200 then its yours. This is the lowest I'll go on the car, if anybody is interested please let me know, otherwise the car is going on storage for a while till I get money to rebuild it. The car is mechanically sound, frame is straight and you get a few extra things. For a few hundred dollars you can get it looking good again. The car is still in virginia, about half an hour away from washington dc. Any questions call my cell anytime 5713383963.
  15. crxsoldado

    crxsoldado Member

    so your asking 3200 for the shell? just making sure
  16. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

    Selling it as you see it in the pictures, with the motor still in it. I would like to pull it and put it in my del sol for the time being, but I'm in rhode island in the moment, so I would like cash because I just don't want to deal with it. Motor has all new parts, new timing belt and water pump (oem honda), new headgasket, new distributor cap, rotor, and bosch spark plugs and wires, the valves were set to spec, and timing was reset to factory specs as well. The motor is new and still good to run, even if you don't have enough to put a swap in it right away, after you buy a few more things to get it complete, it will last you a long time without problem. I am getting tired of the del sol being so small, so I may consider a eg hatchback, but I need to get rid of soon, my parents are bitching since I left it in their parking spot. Just to be clear, price is for a running car. :D
  17. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

    I just found out that since no insurance was collected, the title is still considered clean, so if anybody is interested still for sale.
  18. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

    sale pending, bump for the hell of it though.
  19. cavrx

    cavrx Senior Member

    What do you want for the crx?????????
  20. b18c1civic97

    b18c1civic97 Senior Member

    Crx runs great now, and since people knocked me when I tried to sell it as it was, I'm gonna fix it up even more before it goes back on sale. So for the time being the crx is not for sale...

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