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97 obd2 b16a2 swap 2nd o2 question

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by EKRBoi, Jul 21, 2006.

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    Jul 18, 2006
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    i have a 97 hatch with a 99 b16a2 in it.. im running an obd2 p72... i got the car like this for a great deal and have been working its kinks out... The dash was swapped from a later model ek also and for some reason the dash sub harness did not have the 2nd o2 harness in it or the sensor at that.. no big deal.. im a mobile electronics professional.. wiring is nothing... so i sourced out the sensor.. the o2 plug and wired it up myself as follows

    o2 side \ ecu side

    green - A6 (blk/wht)
    white - D14 (wht/red)
    black - D13 (grn/blk)
    black - A11 (ylw/blk)

    why on gods green earth honda made both heater wires black ill never know... but anyhow... ive tired both of them both ways and i cant get rid of code 65 (secondary o2 heater circuit) .. i have lost all faith in honda-tech almost i posted many many topics about how to tell which is which and never could get an answer on that or anything really...and couldnt find anything on the net. i finally found a post somewhere that said if they were crossed the car just wouldnt run for long and just to switch them which i have done.. the car never cut off but i kept getting the CEL after about 20-30 seconds of the engine running with the wires both way
    s.. as i stated before i do mobile electronics so i did take a multimeter to it and d13 (sensor ground) is a ground... im getting proper voltage on d14 (signal) im not really sure how to test a6 to see if its functioning right.. and of course a11 ia 12v switched... any suggestions?
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