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97 prelude in bad condition

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by splatty, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. splatty

    splatty New Member

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    Sep 1, 2008
    i have a 97 honda prelude non sh. it came with the h22a4 in the car but my brother blew it up when he owned it. I bought the car from him and bought a 94 h22a jdm motor from tiger japanese. i bought a new h22a4 oilpump and converted everything for obd2. we got the car running and it ran fine cept it ran in limp mode. Check engine light was on.I got the tool ran on it and EGR Gas recirucaltion flow and knock sensor cel was on.The knock sensor wire and sensor were crushed from the old motor. so we cut and spliced the new connector from the cut h22a harness onto the a4 harness and plugged it in when we did the swap. Still the light. Im guessing with the shielded wire its breaking connection there caused the wire to pick up noise and send to the ecu?I bought a 97 knock sensor brand new put it in and cut and spliced a connector for it. Still came up knock sensor.

    Now onto the egr. I swap egr's with the h22a one they had same connector. I cleaned it and put it on. Ran the car it still had egr problem. So i cleaned the h22a intake up just the runners. I used a solvent tank and carb cleaner. Put a new gasket on ran the a4 plenum a4 iabs and top portion. We started the car and immediatly it started to idle surge. We sprayed carb cleaner around the intake and it fixed it until it sucked thru and started surging again. So i have a busy work week i let the car parked over the week and me and my brother start work on it again on saturday. I cleaned the a4 runners up and egr hole up just like the last one as best as i could. new intake gasket.I take the knock sensor out and put the broke one back in becuz i was going to take it back so i could put that money into making it obd1 with chipped p28. I just want the car to run str8 again so i can park with for winter. We try to start the car up immediatly it shuts off. We start it again it barley goes past 1500 hesitatating backfire smoking some its crazy i have to post a video. We checked all the vacuums and they seem to be right from what we can see. And wiring is the same thing. maybe we have something wrong.

    I never got new gaskets for the plenum. could it be leaking internally there?
    My next thing to do over the week is take everything back apart and redo it. But this time get new vacuum hoses,another new gasket, i dont know whats going on it gets worse everytime.

    Srry for the long post. PLZHELP! lol
  2. crayzrooster

    crayzrooster New Member

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    Apr 28, 2008

    just fuckin sell it man by a hatch like you want to do anyways lol
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