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98 Accord Auto to Manual Conversion Questions

Discussion in 'Accord' started by ceo1, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. ceo1

    ceo1 New Member

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    Feb 20, 2011
    Hello everyone. I know there have been quite a few of these conversion threads. Sorry for another one but I did go back through 20+ pages before deciding to get a few more answers.

    First off is there a thread specifically for swapping a 4cyl 98-01 Accord auto transmission to a 98-01 manual transmission? If there is and you can post it, I'm probably done. I'm looking for a parts list at least, a write up would be even better. I have not found a thread for this simple conversion with a detailed write up. Anything similar to these threads would be great:



    They are very helpful but they don't fit my specific swap. Most of these threads discuss sourcing other years and other model parts. I am planning to get parts from my specific year and model because I figure I would need the least amount of extra parts.

    The second link above says I need the drivers axle and intermediate shaft. Again, if I stick to the same year/model will I also need the axle? Reason being is I plan to buy most the parts before beginning. I would hate to spend on extra parts I don't need.

    From the other posts I'm assuming the manual trans will bolt right up. I'm just unsure of what real modifications I will need. Things like welding or drilling holes? Any other tips would be great. Again, please reply toward doing a direct model/year conversion. I don't intend to mix and match parts from Preludes or any other car. Thanks in advance!
  2. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator VIP

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    Jun 24, 2006
    Rochester Hills, MI
    Unfortunately I don't think we have any write-ups or FAQs or even much information at all specifically for the auto-to-manual swap on 98-02 models...
  3. hondafreak513

    hondafreak513 New Member

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    Nov 9, 2010
    O hi O
    Well I don't know accord swaps very well but i am sure you will need 5spd axles and a auto to 5spd conversion mount.. Other than that just the basic stuff Pedals, Clutch lines, master cylinder, slave cylinder.. You will have to alter the nuetral safety switch wires.. And I think you will need to get a 5spd engine harness and ecu..
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