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98 civic wiring problems

Discussion in 'Car Audio / Security / Electronic Accessories' started by tgorelik, May 25, 2008.

  1. tgorelik

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    May 25, 2008
    So, I just got a 98 Civic EX and it had the stock radio in the panel right above the heat/cold switches and then a cheapo aftermarket radio down by the cup holders. After some heavy duty panel removing, I got the aftermarket radio out and replaced it with a little single-din plastic slot for storing items and then took out the stock radio up top and put an Alpine 9851 into that. My dad had the radio and we had to more or less hotwire it because there was no power going from one of the power wires. Anyways, I hooked up some subs and amp to it and everyhting was fine, NO HOTWIRING needed in this Civic so everything was jolly.

    The other day my buddy straight up gave me his old single-din DVD player with the flip out screen, some Planet Audio headunit. I disconnected the Alpine and connected all the wires from this DVD player and everything looked just fine except for one problem: there was no Remote LED turn-on (blue/white) wire coming from the radio's harness. All it had was a single-RCA cord with a lael saying subwoofer on it. I found a y-cable for the RCA's running from my amp and connected it to this cord but still there was the remote turn 0n cord that needed power.

    I figured I'd then give it power and (now I know it was dumb) connected the turn-on wire from the amp to the red wires that were spliced together (radio harness to car harness). I put the car into Accesories and played some music. I could hear the bass going along with the song for a second and then out of nowhere it got loud out of proportion so I disconnected the blue wire. So then I notice the radio isn't turning on now and reserved to hotwiring it by putting both the red and yellow pairs all together. It worked but the radio would never turn off because it had literlly constant power so even when the car was off the radio could still trn on. I left it like that for a night and then the next morning I was trying to figrue out the problem again and even this didnt work. Eventually I had to group the wries togther again AND run a wire from the battery. Later I checked and realized the Red wire had no power so I ran a wire from the batt to the red wire on the radio's harness and still no success. Even replaced the fuses under the hood and steering wheel.

    Any suggestions?
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