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99 civic buildup

Discussion in 'Civic - EP, FA, FG' started by triton302, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. triton302

    triton302 New Member

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    Jan 6, 2007
    hello, i recently received a 1999 honda civic DX sedan, its a nice car. im in the air force and currently stationed in florida for tech school, and my father gave me the car because i didn't want to have to deal with the aggrivation of buying one on my own. anyway, the car like i said is a DX, the engine is the D16Y7, automatic tranny, pretty much everything is base model, the only upgrade is the cd player in the radio unit, which i just replaced with a whole new head unit. it has no power windows, no power mirrors, basic instrument cluster with no tach, and wheels with hub caps. i want to build this car up as a daily driver/project car. yes, people have told me that if i want to do stuff to a civic just get rid of it and buy one that has some features. this car was given to me, and the car means something to me and im not selling it. the only way i will get rid of it is if it dies. hondas are excellent cars and live a long time, so no worries for now. as far as the tranny goes, i can drive both auto and manual i have no preference, so what would be easier or better for me? what should i do about the engine if i decide to keep it? what if i decided to swap it? what basic performance parts would i need either way i went with the engine? should i get a new gauge cluster with a tach or just buy an external tach and wire it? yea im kind of a newbie but i know how to do stuff with cars, i jsut have trouble making a decision on what to do. any and all help is very much appreciated. thanks!!!
  2. tartymctang2357

    tartymctang2357 Grand High Wizard

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    Aug 28, 2006
    first off to help us help you:

    do you have a horsepower goal in mind?
    do you want all show and no go? or the other way around?
    do you have a budget we can work with to give suggestions?

    your engine is pretty slow hp and tq wise, 106, and 103 respectively, and usually its hard to get power out of unless you change the head, and/or use forced induction on it, (ie: supercharger, turbo, nitrous)
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