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99 civic cx/HB 96 acura b18b1 ls swap??help??

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by civic99widebody, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. civic99widebody

    civic99widebody fwd drift

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    Jul 31, 2006
    dirty burg, wv
    Ok so heres what i have.. go down to the ???'s to see where i'm stuck.

    Car:1999 civic cx Stock motor:d16y7 ECU:pE5
    SWAP: 1996 acura integra LS b18b1 ECU:p75 obd2

    i got the motor mounted up in the car for $122.36. you can order your mount brackets from honda the rest stay the same. mounts youn need: rear engine triangle bracket stock for 99 civic si, drivers side engine mount bracket same stock 99 si. Your ac and front tranny bracket you need from a b-series motor

    You'll have to get B-series axles.

    WIRING:(I'm stuck) ?????????????

    Ok. so the ls distributer plugs were diffrent. the motor came out of an automatic so i don't know if that matters. so we cut the cx distributer plug and wired the the ls one it left us with an extra blue wire. ????

    on the drivers side of the block: theres a plug runs down to the oil pan. maybe a crank sensor the plug dosen't match up the one form the ls has an extra wire and the cx factory harrness has 2 wires insted of 3. ???

    on the intake manifold. there is another plug dosen't fit has a yellow/black, green/black and a orange (LS) just Y/B, G/B (CX harness)..???

    what obd do i have.????
    obd2a or obd2b
    and if i got a conversion harness what one will i need and would it work with my plug layout. becuz as is now it one plug into any ecu beside the factory one. whats the P75 ecu i know obd2 but A or B
    MAIN ECU PLUGS: (the plug the ls ecu dosen't use the civic cx does)
    99 cx. try and follow along. the 99 civic cx it's harness is a 2 piece harness 2 plugs run through the fire wall to the motor with a green clip

    then one plug stays in the car and is wired in with the green clip that stays in the car i guess that clip runs the fuel pump. the ecu plug
  2. nulowz_uncivil

    nulowz_uncivil New Member

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    Aug 16, 2006
    Fort Meade, MD
    96-98 is OBDIIa an 99-00 is OBDIIb so there lies your pickle. JDMcars.com carries the ECU jumper you need, there are probably other places as well but here is a link to the jumper wires.Wiring Harnesses & Conversions: JDMCars.com
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