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99 cougar 3.0 swap ,n20 f/s trade

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by 10ktgold, Nov 9, 2005.

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    Dec 7, 2003
    its a 99 cougar ,has 3.0 swap ,new motor had 10k on it and i did it from heads up so new top end has about 10 miles or less ,car has zex nitrous kit with a full bottle ,04 ford escape 3.0 motor with 99 taurus uim ,has 24 lbs injecters ,stock maf ,70mm tb ,cold air intake ,gutted cats ,removed silencer ,no egr ,flowmaster 40 series ,a **** load of receipts from the swap and front end parts ,car about to be repainted when ever i get the time to take it back to the shop ,its black with 20% tint and all black interior ,5 speed ,201 stock hp of the escape motor ,so add whatever for cai ,injecters, cats ,muffler ,tb and so on and the nitrous kit ,i have millions of pics and can take alot more, i have pics of the tear down and rebuild and the motor swap , has new rear tires and semi new fronts ,new brakes ,new clutch ,new swaybar links ,all new fluids ,needs ps pump but i have one of those to ,rainbow headlights ,lexus yellow foglights ,hi beams are wired to run with the lows and fogs when turned on ,ac needs charged cause it was added to the new motor ,new belts ,,, i have the stock uim and lim and i have 3.0 plastic valve covers all extra too along with the 2.5 block and heads ,battery is in the trunk ,has new alt ,blah blah and so on ,i have well over 1000.00 in the swap ,and i bought the car for 8k in feb ,i have all the paper work from the dealer also all the receipts from the swap and everything else done to it... i also have the old 2.5 motor ,but the timing chain on the rear head broke so it needs some work ,6k or make resonable offer .................

    what car needs:
    car needs the new p/s pump put on ,you can drive it this way its quiet just no p/s and i have a pump for it too ,needs a/c charged cause it was taken off to swap the motor ,the a/c was just charged before the swap tho ,fender drivers side was brushed against 2 days after i got it i guess in the easton parking lot while i was in the movies ,you can push it out doesnt look to bad ,theres little like dings on i belive 4 places that you cant tell really unless the cars really clean and your looking good for them ,there about the size of ide say a dime ,but i believe smaller ,i guess there from rocks ,

    why is has a 3.0 swap.............

    when i bought i owned it for less than 5 months and someone drained my oil ,so the motor locked when i was doing 140 on 270 so the insurance company was gonna fix it but it sat in the shop for a month and the declined me ,so i had to fix it , so i figured ide to a 3.0 swap so i did , the car runs ok ,the front cat needs welded its been fixed many times by me with metal weld cause i didnt weld it before i dropped the motor in and i dont wanna pull the manifold off to weld it ,, its just leaks alittle ,the cars real deep sounding ,im just tired of working on it , took me 2 months to do the swap and ive spent all my money on it , i got fired from work cause of the car ,and its just a pain my ass now ,the car will start and run for hours ,,you can let it idle forever and it will never die on you , but when you drive it and come to a light it dies and a few times the battery was dead and i have no idea why,, has a new clutch i forgot to add also so it has a 500mile break in period , motor and everything have warrantys ,i just need a new car that i dont have to work on this one ,



    videos and sounds are at http://www.tmobilepictures.com/10ktgold



    have millions of pics ,a few of the above sites may not let ya in and want you ti sign up ,im not sure ,it lets some in and not others , if so just email me and ask for whatever pics you want and ill send them...

    im not sure on what i really wasnt , but i want something with pw and pd and a 5 speed ,no rust and so on
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