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99 Honda Civic Ex Integra Type R swap

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by CTR1806, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. CTR1806

    CTR1806 New Member


    I am about to swap B18C Integra Type R 98+spec into my 99 honda civic Ex. And I have a couple questions.

    1. Will there be any wires that i have to add or extend?
    2. Will the ITR exhaust manifold fit on my stock exhaust? If not what do you recommend as a replacement ?
    3. If anyone has done this swap already do you know what time would the car do roughly on the 1/4 mile? Just Curious

    But any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. welfare

    welfare Ancient Member

    I think that you only have to add the wire for the knock sensor, re-use your old civic harness, and plug everything into the right spots on the ITR engine. about the manifold I don't know.
    Quarter mile times would vary in regards to so many things that there is no way to give an estimate.
  3. yes run vtec lines and 2nd o2 and knock sensor
  4. CTR1806

    CTR1806 New Member

    Yeah this is my first engine swap so I'm a little nervous about screwing it up. The wiring is the only thing that has me confused. if anybody had some pictures or a website that could help me out with the wiring that would be awesome. And ill post pics of the finished product when its done.
  5. type r in ex man imagine that. KEEP UP THE LONG ROAD TO VICTORY.;)
  6. TypeR2000

    TypeR2000 New Member

    i just had a b18c5 type r motor and 5 speed trans put in a 2000 civic dx. i got help from a place called one 6 motorsports in elk grove ill. look them up theyll help u out. good luck it is worth it!!
  7. honda801

    honda801 New Member

    there are a couple of changes you have to make to your harness but basic ones, just changing plugs, it does not all hook right up... and the dist has two extra wires in it that you just discard, and wire the rest color to color.
  8. CTR1806

    CTR1806 New Member

    Thanks alot. I got all the wiring done i hope just waiting for some parts before I can start it up. Here goes nothing lol.:eek:
  9. honda801

    honda801 New Member

    how did you change the plug on the crank sensor from three (harness) to two (motor) i have the same setup that i just put in a month ago and cant figure it out, and too stubborn to pay someone???
  10. sav180

    sav180 New Member

    yo i jus put my type r into my ek hatch and it starts runs fine till u rev it (punch it)it bogs then dies..what could that be from????

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