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A bigger dip.....this winters projects....

Discussion in 'Other Vehicle Discussions' started by Airjockie, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Airjockie

    Airjockie Watanabe Whore!!!

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    Jan 21, 2003
    Meriden, CT, USA
    Well, a little background.

    I got 5 car sitting in my driveway, one car is going to scrap or for sale/parted out, the other 4 are going to be fixed or traded off for something else, and I got a lot of parts that are sitting around not being used...anyways, last year I dipped into the 401K that I have and bought some parts and stuff, and that mini loan got paid off and now I replenished that money and invested in some stocks and now it's time to dip into again....so the dip was done and now I'll have 6 bones to play around with. :D

    One plan is to get the white boosted Z driveable, more boost, and road-worthy...but yet destroyable and no cares if I put it into a wall for drifting....as long as I fair with no injuries... the chassis is fubar anyways, and next spring I'll prolly find another Z with a decent chassis to swap all the parts too...

    Another plan is to get the the CRX completed, and race it a few times to see if I built it to be a worthy monster...then sell it.

    The civic will be scrapped, junked, or sold off for parts....

    The red Z will be rebuilt to show, autocross, and drifting duties....with an occational cruize here and there next year...hopefully it will have a lot of carbon fiber, new paint, and fiberglass fenders......and a full rebuild comprized with new frame rails, paint, and a new set of smoking wheels that I'll buy in Japan when I go over there next spring with my tax return...

    And the blue subby will stay the same, except I got to buy some winter tires for the stock steelies and leave it to the wife decision and she has plans to trade it in, or sell it, and she wants to get a new jeep or something pimp so she can stand out when she goes to college and to ferry her freinds around...the money she has will cover the new car, I just got to care for it.

    And I'll prolly pick me up that winter beater/daily driver that I've posted before...the red subaru legacy, and pimp it out to the max that the remaining money can cover....plus we just hit the point at work last night that we are now on un-limited OverTime for the rest of the year....so the bills will get paid and more bank will be set aside for other projects.

    Plus, I've alloted a little money to go for an offer to clear up the yardwork I had done this year...the crooks wanted me to pay $2500, and I'll say I got $1000 cash today and clear up the matter, if not, then the 2 page email I have ready to send to the state attorney will be double clicked....and I'll use that grand for other legal professionals to fight it out so I come clear of the fucking landscapers claws.

    And then I still have to get an estimate for the house's repairs...the full windows, siding, and roof...but those repairs will come from a home equity loan...and then the house will be done. And I can just concentrate on the cars agian. I have about 60K's in equity...so I don't think I'll need more than 30 to complete the house...then I have a the ish all done...pay a few more years or sell it and move closer to work.

    Now for the first purchase...$400 for a duel exhaust, sport header, two fiberglass fenders, and two rocker panels for the Z...gotta love the local craigslist...I'm just waiting for the guy to get back to me and to bring them to me....I'm too lazy to go pick them up.....hehe... sorry for such big pics...but after they are bought...I'll still have $5,600 to spend...heeheeeee :cool:

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  2. BodyDroppedNikes

    BodyDroppedNikes ...PENDEJO.... VIP

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    Sep 28, 2002
    caught in a mosh...
    sounds like u have a long winter ahead of you with a butt load of misc. projects to do. 1 project is more than enough for me! lol. anyway, good luck bro and i cant wait to see some of these projects done.
  3. NissanNiNjA2nd

    NissanNiNjA2nd Senior Member

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    Mar 10, 2004
    For the love of god.... finish all of those cars. PLEASE!
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