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A few questions regarding turbocharging an F22B2

Discussion in 'Accord' started by phate, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. phate

    phate New Member

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    Aug 13, 2007
    Well, after I realized that an F20B swap would not be nearly as easy or affordable as I would have liked, and that I would not be able to do it with my current state of affairs (i'm 17 and can only work part time due to school)and the fact that I can't have the car sitting out of comission due to a need to drive to work/school, I decided that instead of having the perfectly good F22B2 already in the car go to waste (it only has 86k miles on it and the previous owners never drove it hard, plus it's an auto so you really can't hurt it too badly) I would just turbo it and drive it like that until I can afford to do a full swap (either an H22 or a higher-revving F20B SiR). Anyways, I am left with a few questions.

    First, I was wondering about how much power I can put through the automatic transmission that is already in there without killing it. I ask this because the tranny in my friend's elantra died after he turbo'd it (estimated 210-ish hp, fun car, and it's a hyundai). I am only looking at running 5-8psi at most, nothing too crazy, as this is a daily driver.

    Also, I was wondering about what I should do about a turbo manifold. Due to the exhaust port layout (0-00-0), I realize that we are kinda hosed as far as finding a mani at a junkyard that fits. Does anyone know about any that fit? I know people that could help me make one up, but a bolt-on would be great. If I see any on ebay that look at all efficient, (not just getting flow from one or two cylinders), are they at all worth it? I would prefer to save some cash here and spend some of the cash I saved on an AEM EMS (ideally) or another, cheaper means of air-fuel control (any suggestions there would be cool).

    Another option that appeals to me (partly due to it being cheaper and easier) is a rear-mount turbo. Would the F22 have enough exhaust gasses to spool up a rear-mount turbo? (TD04 out of a Saab 9000 or a TD05 out of a Volvo 740, either would cost me like $30 and the turbos themselves are in really good shape with little to no shaft play) I could design it so I would only have to remove the muffler and use the stock exhaust piping up till then, with 2-inch exhaust piping (to be used as charge pipes) running back up to the front of the car and into the throttle body.

    Lastly, I know that I will need a boost guage, and likely an air-fuel guage. Just Wondering, what should the AFR be? like 12 or something? Any advice on this would be great, as i tried my best to learn as much as I could about N/A swaps and mainly want the turbo to tie me over until I get the swap.
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