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A lot of stuff for sale, GREAT PRICES Northern Virginia b16/b18c/del sol LOOK AT ME!

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by b18c1civic97, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. b18c1civic97

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    Oct 7, 2003
    Alpine KCA-420i Ipod adapter $50, stores sell it for $100.
    P06 ecu off of a 93 del sol s $30
    Chipped PR3 (mugen) OBD0 $100
    92-95 b series shift linkage $50
    <FONT COLOR=""Blue"">UPDATE 8/16/06: Car is being picked up this thursday, and will be in falls church. I will be removing the pieces I need off of it during this time, but won't yank the motor until the end. If somebody has the tools and equipment to pull the motor out and help me swap out the tranny's you can get a hell of a deal on motor or shell, pm me if you are interested in doing this. The car is a 94 Del Sol SI Samba green, I'll post a pic of it on thursday. It will take roughly two weeks to get the title, because my coworker's bank needs to send him the title, so shell won't be ready to be sold for another 2 weeks from thursday. The following is the list of parts to the best of my knowledge, the list will get changed and updated as I go along. I won't part out into any smaller sections than whats posted, so don't ask.
    94 del sol rolling shell needs (exhaust, motor, radiator, ecu, seats, shift linkage) currently has a b16 so it's wired for a vtec motor. Body is a little rough, will post pics of it on thursday. $650
    JDM B16A 80k+ miles block, needs head, motor is currently in car runs great $700
    USDM '00 GSR non LSD Tranny **no grinds whatsoever** shifts smoothly, currently have it in my car and runs great, upgrading to an lsd tranny $750
    USDM '00 GSR Vtec head STOCK, upgrading to a type R head comes off of a running motor $650
    USDM P28 (not sure if chipped or not, I was told it was, but not so sure anymore???) $120
    Del sol seats with del sol brackets $150
    eg/eh motor mounts/axles needed for b series swap $250 for all
    eg stock radiator $75
    del sol b series shift linkage $175 </FONT>

    9003 8000k HID set<FONT COLOR=""Red""> sold</FONT>
    2 Recaro style seats <FONT COLOR=""Red"">sold</FONT>
    Skunk 2 Coilovers <FONT COLOR=""Red"">sold</FONT>
    92-95 civic radiator $50 <FONT COLOR=""Red"">sold</FONT>
    B series clutch/flywheel (needs to upgrade from a stock setup to a more aggresive setup that holds more power.)
    Rota Slipstreams 16's Gunmetal w/ Polished lip, Silver or Bronze, or very clean Blades. No curb checks or rashes please.
    Black 60 gig Video Ipod only
    S2000 Red leather seats
    I may consider other things so pm me, but keep in mind I'm not looking for straight trades right now. Trades + cash, look at my reviews I'm very straight forward. Any questions call my cell 571-338-4794 or pm me thru the board. Thanks
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