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Adjust Transmission Cable

Discussion in 'Accord' started by mycarisold, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. mycarisold

    mycarisold Junior Member

    Sometimes when I start my 1992 Honda Accord LX automatic, the cars revs, gas pedal, but there is no power to move forward in drive. If I put the car back in park and wait a minute, then put back in drive, the engine has full power and moves forward in drive.
    Is this a transmission cable issue?
  2. tab

    tab Super Moderator

    check your tranny fluid.
  3. smarty009

    smarty009 Senior Member

    thats exactly what mine does...only...it usually lets me drive right when i crank it up...i can drive around a short distance...but if i stop at a red light...and try to go when it turns green...i get nothin...the engine is running...but my car wont go no where...so i was just thinking the transmission was gettin too hot and shutting down...but i dunno...i still have to look more into that...havent had time lately to check it out
  4. MthaFuknGreen

    MthaFuknGreen Green on the scene.

    mine does the same exact thing as smartys..
    i have a 1990 prelude 2.1.

    its weird though, its getting better and better every day.
    it worked fine for a while, then it started doing that shit and id have to stop my car every couple blocks and it seemed to refuse to go past 1st gear, if it even went into 1st..
    but now its been shifting into 2nd and 3rd but still when i stop it wont shift back up again until i turn off the car and turn it back on.

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