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Advice on building a d16 crx si engine

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by Jdubspeeds, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Jdubspeeds

    Jdubspeeds Senior Member

    Im planning on building a autocross car. I have a d16 I just took gutted. Im going to have the block and head cleaned up. My question is what to use for pistons, rods. Etc.. I dont want to spend a lot, just have a clean running engine with a little bit more power. Anyone have some good ideas on how to set it up? Not really interested in going vtec or anythign I want to use as many stock parts as I can to save on cash.
  2. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    my question for you is, do you want to be competitive at all?

    if so, leave it stock.

    if not, have your way with it, and be up against fully prepped m3's and turbo porsches.

    autox has very strict rules. i suggest you pick up a rule book before building anything.
  3. 89_starter

    89_starter Member

    At the Scca track where i'm from in Ohio Mid-Ohio race track the formed a new civic class and the first rule is saftey equitment ( roll bar0 harness) and the car must have a stock bottom end. BUt the auto crossing i will be doing is the Mid-west scca solo 2 class and there any thing goes because you race against the clock and not other cars. So it depends on what class your gonna be in. me I'm going to run d16a1 domed pistons 8 pound fly wheel and a tight suspension.

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