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Anti Theft Radio Code

Discussion in 'Accord' started by 1997ACCORDEX, Jul 26, 2006.

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  1. 1997ACCORDEX

    1997ACCORDEX Junior Member

    Hello Everyone

    I Am Having A Problem Getting My Anti Theft Radio Code For A 1997 Accord Ex Without Paying For It. Can Anyone Advice Or Make Suggestions
  2. AccMugen

    AccMugen Junior Member

    then cant u help the guy? and look for his code, you wouldnt be the one taking the radio out, just cheking it on the system :)
  3. 97EK

    97EK formerly LSVTECCRX

    if you can pull the radio and/or give me the 8 digit serial #, i can probably get you the code
  4. 97EK

    97EK formerly LSVTECCRX

    yeah. i work at acura we're on the same site.
  5. 97EK

    97EK formerly LSVTECCRX

  6. ciudad_furia

    ciudad_furia Junior Member

    Help Me Too !!

    i have the same problem, i forgot where i put it...can you help me , please !!!!?? my e-mail is Locomarvin@hotmail.com ...answer me please...
  7. asmallsol

    asmallsol Super Moderator

    what I did was just remove it myself and bring it to the dealer, and a few minutes later, I walked out with code in hand and all my money still in my pocket.
  8. ciudad_furia

    ciudad_furia Junior Member

    so i dont have to pay for it !? because i brougth it to my friend ..but i forgot the code...so it is not the original stereo for my car...!?! what do you think...sorry my english ...!!:D
  9. reikoshea

    reikoshea HS Troll...And Mod Moderator

    yeah, i dunno about all this...in the future id keep all of this to PMs if youre willing to help someone out. Otherwise, we will get a plethera of this silly posts, and its definitely not good.

    i dont know if honda's dealerships work the same as volvo's, but my mom got her number just by taking the car in. they looked at it, it looked like the one it came with, they gave her the number.
  10. MaryK


    If you are looking for the Radio Code..see below

    If you cannot find your radio code (as I could not)and you did not purchase your vehicle new, simply call the national honda customer service number, give your VIN and ask for the dealer that your vehicle was purchased from originally. Call that dealer and ask for the code. they will give it to you no problem. this charging to remove your radio and get the serial number is a dealership scam.
  11. ciudad_furia

    ciudad_furia Junior Member

    guess what my friends....i got the CODE...let me tell you, is very easy...just call dealer honda...and tell him that you bought the radio on a auto wreking and they don't give you the code...and when you discconect the battery the radio ask for the code...and they will ask for the serial number of the radio...and...Tadhaaa...thats all...

    It works for me...Good luck....and thanks for the answers....anyway....bye;)
    sorry my english...
  12. MaryK


    Radio Code


    Wouldn't it be easier to just get the VIN, call Honda directly and have them give you the name and number of the dealer where the car was originaly purched from and having them give you the code, rather than having to take out the entire radio?? I dunno but it sure sounds easier to me

    Just my opinion

  13. Honda4Ever

    Honda4Ever New Member

    I have just bought a cd player from ebay to my honda civic 1996,
    When I put it into my car, the Anti-theft lamp keep flashing and the screen doesn't show anything, I don't know if this is normal and if this is the case how can I get the access code for this player, I am not the original owner of the car where this player removed from and I even don't have enought information about it. I heard that there is some way to calculate the access code from the serial / reference no of the player. Any ideas how to solve this problem
  14. J Naughton

    J Naughton New Member

    Flashing Anti-theft Lamp

    Did you receive any replies to this post? I'm having the same problem with an Odyssey.


  15. J Naughton

    J Naughton New Member

    Found it. The radio uses more than 1 fuse (besides the one that says "Radio" in the manual). There was an Accessory (ACC) fuse that had popped. So, the lights on the radio, including the "Anti-Theft" flasher, still worked, but no screen. Once I replaced that, I got the "CODE" screen on the radio. At that point, you're still going to need your code. Good luck.
  16. fbhonda

    fbhonda New Member

    i have the same problem, i have a accord 2001 coupe, the serial number is 11160772, thanks for your help, my email is fbosarreyes@yahoo.com
  17. CLmegS

    CLmegS New Member


    I just bought my car from a non-honda dealership and unfortunately I work during the hours that the Acura dealership in the next town is open so I dont know how to get my code!! My serial number is 30003488 or U3000L3488... can anyone help? I'd really love to be able to use the radio and navigation in my new car before my next day off in 2 weeks, especially with my 1/2 hour commute to work :(
  18. n0friends

    n0friends New Member

    i have a 94 accord my serial number is 93c915252

    can you help me out? its saturday and the dealer is closed.

    email at nofriends6sic6@hotmail.com
    or aim at nofriends6sic6

    Last edited: Sep 2, 2006
  19. Horo

    Horo New Member

    I just called Honda earlier to ask for the code and they said i had to bring my car in and they said they charge $99!! i was like WHAT 99! just to give me a code are you serious.

    if anyone can get me the code please im not trying to spending $100 on a little code
    95 accord
    s/n : AJ50900935
  20. n0friends

    n0friends New Member

    horo, sorry to hear, but i just went to the dealer and i got mine for free. Did you mention you already had the serial number? they weren't gonna do mine untill i told them i already had it. You are also gonna need the vin #,
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