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Any B18 or B20 non-vtec auto ek Civic here?

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by civicjason, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. civicjason

    civicjason New Member

    Please post some pics and any info you can give me. I'm planning this swap in the next few months and I really want find out all the info on it that I can. What parts, mounting, ecu and wiring etc.

  2. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator

    Preface: I read your post in that other thread as well.

    My question is, why do you want to do this? It can be done, but for the money you'll invest (especially if you pay a shop to do it) I think the performance gains will be very negligible. If you can't or won't convert to manual, then I think you'd be much better served by adding forced induction to your current engine.

    Yes an LS or B20 engine will give you a few extra horses and a little bit of extra torque, but really it's not enough to make a huge difference. And, please realize that the reason a B16 or B18C (the VTEC models) are more fun ALSO has to do with the transmission, especially in the B16. The gearing on those cars is shorter, therefore you get to the higher RPMs quicker and stay there when you shift.

    You could eventually build yourself an LS or B20 VTEC, but you wouldn't be getting the full potential out of it if you're stuck with an automatic LS transmission and it's longer, economy-minded gears.

    Do you know anyone who has a fairly stock automatic Integra that they'd be willing to let you drive? If so, do that before you make any decisions. I mean, who knows? You might just be impressed enough with it to make you want to invest the money to install an automatic LS or B20 in your car, but honestly I'd put money on you being disappointed with it.

    A turbo setup however, would provide you with a good amount of additional, useable torque. The car would actually feel significantly faster...
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2012
  3. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator

    Also, if this shop is knowledgeable enough to where they're installing V8s in to Civics, then shouldn't they be able to figure out the wiring?
  4. dc4dude

    dc4dude New Member

    i have owned both an automatic and manual transmission equipped integras with a b18b engine... even in stock form, its a night and day difference!!! even with the exact same engine. and on that note, a buddy with an auto 95 civic raced me in the auto integra, and the difference was shocking... about a car length...
  5. civicjason

    civicjason New Member

    Why do I want this? I want the extra 70hp for my long commute to work. The B20 is well known for making around 135-150whp/160-175hp(crank) with headers and intake and I can only figure my 1.6L sohc engine probably makes about 85whp/106hp(crank).

    No I don't know anyone that'll allow me to drive their Integra automatic but remember mine is also an automatic which I don't think mine is that superior as to make up for 70hp.

    I could possibly be disappointed with it but at the same time I'm not expecting a fast car just a car with improved power. I've had fast cars in the past so 13-15 second cars don't really impress me in the least so I don't have the money to make my Civic an 11 or 12 second street sleeper even though I'd love to.

    The one thing I'd love to do though would be to put a j32 swap in but that's also much more money than I need or want to spend.
  6. civicjason

    civicjason New Member

    What engine did the 95 Civic have? A B18b?

    I've also owned an 87 Mustang LX 5.0 with an auto and converted it to a 5 speed but I also added an aluminum crankshaft, exhaust, and cold air intake and went from running a 15.8 quarter mile to a 13.7 quarter mile so I understand the differences but at the same time I only want to improve power and torque of my commuter not my track car.
  7. civicjason

    civicjason New Member

    I'm a little bit curious. So if I rebuild my d7 engine and transmission since they have well over 300k a piece then add turbo. Yes I'll have to pay a shop to rebuild both of them. How much money do you think I will be out on the rebuilds plus the turbo? I can do the B20 swap with Auto for about $2500.
  8. civicjason

    civicjason New Member

    Just a car length isn't too bad and since I'll have a b20 I will probably be able to make up that car length and then some.

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