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auto to manual, WONT START!!!

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by delsolcharlie, May 1, 2007.

  1. delsolcharlie

    delsolcharlie New Member

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    Mar 13, 2007
    Augusta< GA
    I am ALMOST complete on my auto to manual swap on my 1993 Honda Del Sol SI D16z6…got my clutch line bled, working great good pressure, transmission all the gears are working properly, got my car thinking it is in park so I can take my key out, and I connected two big black wires so I can actually start my car, the only thing electrically I have left to do is getting my reverse lights working. I tried cranking up my car…it just sits there and turns over and turns over and turns over, I don’t know why it wont start, I took out my ECU and jumped RP17 across to RP18, supposedly the only thing I had to do to the ECU to make it run manual…can anyone help get my car started???
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